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Stop struggling to write your own sales copy! We offer three easy solutions for every stage of your business growth.



Hand-holding & wise-cracking to keep you laughing while you’re launching.

Starting at $397 the Solopreneur Subscription gives you up to 4 hours / month of personal copywriting services.

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Rising Star

Rising Star

Share your message in a more powerful way.

Starting at $697 / month, we give corporations & growth-phase coaches more powerful brand messaging.

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Agency Partnership

Agency Partnership

Get customized mentoring to support your business marketing efforts.

Customized hourly plans for Marketing Agencies, Start-Ups & Coaches that are launching large.

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Coaching Success Starts
with Marketing Strategy

Philadelphia freelance copywriting & content marketing services

Let our experience work for you. Learn everything you need to effectively market your heart-centered business. eMarketing Copywriter works with you one-on-one to develop your sales content including:

Sales & landing pages

Website copywriting

Marketing strategy

Social media content calendars

Email marketing

Coaching launch support

Blogging & blog editing

SEO copywriting

Content management

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About Me

“Find your spark and it will illuminate
the world.”
– Oprah

You deserve to profit from your passion. And as a heart-centered entrepreneur, your biggest challenge is to sell yourself without selling your soul. eMarketing Copywriter teaches you effective sales copywriting that will increase your sales & maintain your personal integrity, no matter how you choose to serve the world.

Who I AM

I’m Elspeth Misiaszek, the innovator behind eMarketing Copywriter. For the last several years, I’ve been behind the scenes working under some of the biggest names in the industry as a sales copywriter & consultant.

Now, I’m going to empower you in a whole new way with a sales copywriting program that includes all of the done-for-you templates, checklists & cheat sheets you need to run a successful coaching business from the minute your spark is ready to illuminate the world.

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Elspeth Misiaszek

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Why did eMarketing Copywriter become a lifestyle business? For the first three years of my journey into entrepreneurship, I worked in a brick & mortar startup. I sold over $120,000 my second year in sales. But managing a team of employees and subcontractors was just too overwhelming for me. I not only had to pay everyone else first (even after a record breaking $27,000 contract close!), but I also had to bring in the revenue in the first place. While I take pride in having succeeded - my partnership dissolved for personal reasons - I knew that my next chapter had to fulfill me on

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You're driving to the grocery story. The radio is on. A commercial blares loudly, "Hurry in. We've only got three of these great deals left. Don't delay. You don't want to miss our great sale." How does it make you feel? As you continue down the road, you see a billboard that says, "Real men go to <jewelry store>," and then another, "Don't finish last." What do you think when you read this brand messaging? In reality, we are being sold to all the time, via email, via telephone, on social media, when we listen to the radio or read a road sign.  Even when

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How many hours a week do you spend on social media? I've been reading a lot of messaging in my business groups that goes something like, "$20,000 in 2 weeks." And I want to debunk these Facebook headlines once and for all. I don't mean to undervalue the contribution of most business & marketing coaches. However, I want to clear the air on the concept of "it's easy." It's not easy. Anyone who tells you that building a business just happened for them is leaving out just a few crucial steps. Let's dig a bit deeper into these crazy headlines. Campaigns take months & months to

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