31 05, 2011

Nooddi Thai offers $12.50 soup

When you see the sign for a Thai noodle house, you think of giant bowls of steaming broth with rice noodles. When you’ve had a bad day, you think how comforting a bowl of noodle soup...

17 05, 2011

Wilmington, Del. Thai food: Soybean Asian Grill

From the outside of the plaza, you can’t tell what you’re getting yourself into. The non-descript Soybean Asian Grill (http://www.soybeanasiangrille.com) is next to a K-mart. There is a...

10 05, 2011

Wilmington, Del. dessert at Just Ice Cream

If you need a sweet fix near Wilmington, Del. you might consider Just Ice Cream on 4736 Pennell Road, Aston, Pa. As you drive by, you’ll note the well lit sign, proudly proclaiming ‘homemade ice...

5 05, 2011

Wilmington, Del. Mexican Food: La Poblanita

If you aren’t driving with someone who has excellent eyes, you could miss it. Tucked into an obscure shopping center, across from the Mercedes-Benz dealer, La Poblanita is easy to miss. If you slam...

4 05, 2011

How to order Mexican food: Think outside the burrito

Mexican food doesn’t always get the proper credit it should. Simply, we’ve dumbed down quite a bit of this amazing culture into a mass category. In fact, Mexican cuisine, like many other cultures, is diverse. While we tend to over emphasize quesadillas (veggiedillas if your roommate is a hippie), some truly extraordinary dishes go overlooked.