28 07, 2011

The Blue Parrot Grille in Wilmington, Del. lacks New Orleans Hospitality

When you walk into a restaurant, you don’t expect the waiter to roll his eyes and treat you like you have the Plague. That’s exactly what happened at Blue Parrot Grille in Wilmington, Del.&nbsp...

26 07, 2011

Copywriting 101: How to hire a copy writer

Copywriting should be easy, right? It’s just words on a screen that people read when they visit your website. Wrong. Copy writing is how people learn about you and your company. Along with the design of a website, it’s your first impression to a client or prospect. Copy writing positions us as the expert in

25 07, 2011

Iron Hill Brewery in Wilmington, Del. delivers mediocre dinner

Iron Hill Brewery offers a delicious selection of beer. They brew their own and change the selections frequently. So, if you know Iron Hill Brewery, you know to stop by for delicious beer. The food, however, is...

22 07, 2011

Five must read tips on Social Media marketing copy writing

Marketing copy writing seems easy, right? All you have to do is post a few things and, poof, the masses will line up at your door. Wrong. If your marketing copy writing isn’t done the right way, it will not be effective. Here are five must read tips to social media marketing copy writing. Know

21 07, 2011

Wilmington, Del. ethnic eats: Casa Blanca Moroccan Restaurant

In Wilmington, Del. if you want Moroccan food, Casa Blanca is the place. Right off 495 south at 4010 Dupont Highway, New Castle, Del. you can't miss the big red sign. Actually, you can&#39...

20 07, 2011
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White Papers for Sunrise Signs

Offered as incentives to web site visitors, you'll want to offer a compelling marketing copywriting topics that directly reflect your business. Sunrise Signs offered the 'car wrap kit' which included a collegiate tone. Statistics on vehicle wraps supported these 'official' papers. The concept stems from conversion: Buyers in the early stages of researching a purchase

20 07, 2011

Landing Page for End2End Design

Built around the matrix of your main site, landing pages can be driven towards long-tail keywords or GEO specific targeting. That means a veterinarian in Hoboken, NJ will be found when these terms are typed into the search engine. Other landing pages might include topics specific to your field, such as marketing for veterinarians (an

20 07, 2011

Blog Articles for Sunrise Signs

Conversational in tone, blogs are necessary to attract traffic to your website. At Sunrise Signs, numerous on point topics graced the blog. As a B to B company, several incorporated Sales & Marketing advice for colleagues. Most importantly, a blog is fresh content on your website, encouraging repeat visitors. Marketing Resolutions for the New Year:

20 07, 2011

Articles for Wilmington Restaurant Examiner

As the Wilmington Restaurant Examiner, I travel to location and write based on the food selections, atmosphere and overall experience. Since they are designed for internet use only, they are informative 'shorts.' Articles may also be rewritten blogs which are then posted to online article sites. The online article postings can help create back links.

20 07, 2011

Website Content for GSBA

Greater Swedesboro Business Association reorganized their website to reflect the local community being brought together by its business members. About