26 08, 2011

Abercrombie and Fitch: A lesson in left of center marketing

Pop Quiz: What icon in fashion used live mostly nude models in their New York picture window as a marketing ploy that attracted the attention, and disdain, of numerous media outlets? If you answered Abercrombie and Fitch, you win. Since I’m not sure what the appropriate prize is for such an off beat question, how

24 08, 2011

Peace of Pizza near Wilmington, Del.

Are you a pizza fanatic? Do you dream in cheese? Then you'll want to head to Peace a Pizza at 44 N. Main Street in Newark, Del. Most likely you've heard of...

24 08, 2011

Intern vs. Professional: Who to Choose

If you have a business, you may be considering including the icon of awesomeness to your roster: The intern. You can’t help but be impressed by the numerous jokes and jabs associated with this time honored tradition. In fact, Monica Lewinsky was an intern, wasn’t she? We all know how that ended. At any rate,

18 08, 2011

Sales 101: Making the Most of a Face-to-Face Event

There is a little lesson here that ties in to sending the right person to your face-to-face business networking events.  When I first joined the team at my old company, I was supposed to be the administrator. The goal was for me to manage the vast amounts of magical business that would come pouring in

18 08, 2011

Quest for the best calamari in Wilmington, Del.

Calamari is a fancy name for squid. Most of us know that. If you don't, you are likely to have someone smile coyly at you at least once and ask "Do you like calamari?" like...

16 08, 2011

The Best Restaurant You’ve Never Heard of in Wilmington, Del.

It’s true that the restaurant scene in Wilmington, Del. is somewhat under valued. With Philadelphia 20 minutes away, there is little reason for many to venture to Wilmington, Del. for dinner. However, if you have...

15 08, 2011

SEO Simplified and Explained

n the realm of marketing, it is not unusual for a trend to pop up … then right back down a few months later.  It’s especially prominent in food marketing.  I remember a time when the egg was the enemy.  It was high in cholesterol and inherently evil, even though you’d been enjoying egg salad

12 08, 2011

5 New Business Sales Strategies

f you’re like most business owners, you might think that as soon as you flip over the ‘Open’ sign, clients will be lining up outside your door.  You may foolishly believe your product or service is so in demand that you will be lucky enough to not have to jump through a few years of

11 08, 2011

McKenzie Brew House near Wilmington, Del.

McKenzie's Brew House near Wilmington, Del. is in a great location. They give great directions on the website, (http://www.mckenziebrewhouse.com) too Located on 202 as you approach Naaman's Road, you can imagine...
Chili at McKenzie's Brewhouse

10 08, 2011

What voice should you use for your marketing collateral?

Why, that’s an excellent question, self. Thank you for asking. For the rest of you, marketing collateral refers to the items you use to market your business. Usually, it’s physical stuff, like brochures, rack cards or hand outs of any kind. The question is, what voice should you use? Omniscient? First Person? Third Person? Officially,