30 09, 2011

A Freelance Writer Deciphers eBooks vs. Whitepapers

As a professional freelance writer, I have gotten my hands into almost everything word related.   Popular items like website content writing, advertising copy, blog writing and blog administration top the ranks.  There are consistently additional projects, like ebooks and white papers that clients suggest they'd like written.  Deciphering the difference will help you choose

27 09, 2011

Web Content Writing: What It Is, How to Use It

Web content writing generally refers to the set of data that stays stagnant on your website.   Does that sound familiar?  As you continue to build your website presence, you may add pages, like a portfolio or additional landing pages for new product.  There remains, however, a piece of web content writing that

25 09, 2011

Traffic Camera Scam: Keep It From Infiltrating Your Business

When was the last time you inadvertently played right into the hands of a scammer?  There is a trend surrounding traffic light cameras we should all keep ourselves apprised of.   Further, you should educate yourself on how this scam could infiltrate your business.  If you keep your staff apprised of the current issue, you will be less likely to get caught in the costly cross hairs. Assuming you have a business vehicle, you may have received these citations.  Many […]

23 09, 2011

Italian food in North Wilmington, Del

Lotsa Pasta in Wilmington, Del is at 2314 Carpenter Station Road. The restaurant is tucked into a shopping center next to a Wawa. You have probably passed it several times if you were driving by on Naaman&rsquo...

22 09, 2011

Lead Generation Machine? How to Develop a Blog

At times, you come across an awesome article that suggests tactics to help your business grow.  You can’t help but read every single word.  I indulged in a nugget just the other day on turning your blog into a lead generation machine.  It is purely sage advice.  Before you can get started on taking advice about blogs, you need, well, a blog.   So, to get you started, here’s how to develop a blog: Pick a platform for blogging.  Wordress […]

21 09, 2011

10 Stupid Ways You Cost Your Business Money

Nothing is more frustrating than spending money you don't have to.   Over time, all those dollars and dimes add up.  Before long, you end up costing yourself a pretty penny.  Here are 10 stupid ways you cost your business money. Phone bill purchases need to be monitored.  The other day, I noted a subscription

19 09, 2011

Marketing copy writing a circus? Choose a Star Act

Yesterday, I attended a local circus.  Being under the big top has a magical air, doesn’t it?  The Ringmaster called into his fuzzy microphone.  Act after act swirled and twirled before my eyes: Acrobats, tigers and elephants, oh, my!  Clowns zoomed in.  A man got shot from a cannon.  Pink poodles (even the boy poodles

19 09, 2011

Remember Kanye’s Fashion? Didn’t Think So: Failed Celebrity Business and When to Call it Quits

Celebrities in American culture have taken on the aura of princes and princesses, haven’t they? We see them flying around the world and living in giant mansions.  They are always smiling.  Many, in our opinions, have more money than they will ever spend.   You may be surprised to learn that there are several notable failed celebrity businesses occurring over the last decade.  Do you remember JLo’s clothing line?  She had a good run of jeans for girls with curves. […]

18 09, 2011

Missoni for Target: Profiting from Resale

One of my favorite psychological business phenomena is generically known as ‘supply and demand.’  You see it every year at Christmas: One great toy, a million buyers.  The last notable issue might have been Tickle Me Elmo.  Parents stormed stores to snatch up the silly little doll that wiggled and giggled.  In the case of Target, they have presented a line of clothes by a designer called Missoni.   Missoni for Target features lower priced items similar to the designer […]

16 09, 2011

Measuring the ROI of a professional copywriter

Recently, I have been asked how you can measure the efficacy, or return on investment (ROI), of a professional copywriter.    It never occurred to me that every word I write would hang in the careful balance of someone attaching a number to it.  As a creative professional, maybe that's why I hate