27 10, 2011

A Freelance Copy Writer Rant: eBooks Do Not Self Sell

Even as a freelance copy writer, I am guilty of getting sucked into several 'Download Now' calls to action.  Especially if the ebook has an irresistible title like "100 Ways to Market For a Freelance Copy Writer."  A client asked me to use a competitor's web content writing as an example of her planning guide.  

24 10, 2011

When to Use Web Content Writing Services

Web content writing services, like Zerys, Guru or Suggz, are the newest trend.  The services, generally, provide a pool of writers willing to work for a much lower cost than the open market.   (Kindly note the differentiation between 'writers' and use of the term professional copy writer.) Clients post web content writing jobs which

20 10, 2011

Blog Writer Advice: How to Pick a Picture

Are you a blog writer?  Are you a blog administrator?  Maybe, you just write the social media copy for your company and need some picture ideas? Well, it ain't easy.   Finding the right way to show your reader what you're talking about can be the most time consuming aspect of being a blog writer.

12 10, 2011

Are These Web Writing Marketing Measures Obsolete?

Web writing is not quite like other writing.  It's not usually a work of fiction.  It typically doesn't require lots of rules like the AP Style.  A teacher doesn't check you.  There is no accounting for who publishes what information.  Web writing, quite frankly, is a school of its own.  To get an 'A' you

11 10, 2011

Unemployment Rates Increased Last Week: Should You Hire or Fire?

The labor department reported last week that unemployment applications increased by 6,000 to a seasonally adjusted 401,000.   The news has many business owners fearing the economic slump is continuing.  Rates need to fall below 375,000 to signal the healthy growth of the economy. On Friday, the Labor Department will release rates for the month of September.  So far so good, actually, since unemployment in 2010 averaged 459,000.   Significantly, current numbers  at 401,000 show less people are currently on […]

9 10, 2011

Billionaires and College: Do You Need a Business Degree?

Michael Ellsberg went on a mission.  He wanted to understand the educational value that billionaires had garnered not from college, but from life.   For two years, the Forbes blogger traveled around the U.S. and interviewed highly successful entrepreneurs.  The catch?  The candidates were considered the least officially credentialed.  In other words, just because they were billionaires didn’t mean they had completed much formal or college education. His interviews included John Paul Dejoria, Sean Parker and Mark Ecko.  You might […]

6 10, 2011

Professional copywriters beware: Residual and commission

I'm annoyed.   Annoyed at myself, really.  Professional copywriters should hear my story and learn.  I hope you will garner from my experience so that you do not get suckered into the same residual and commission duel I spent an hour partaking in. Recently, a business merged with another business.  They called themselves something new

4 10, 2011

Lines in Advertising, PETA’s Anger at Sexy Chicken: Does Business Benefit?

Ever since I’ve been a marketing writer, discussions have stemmed from exactly where the line is, in advertising, between creative and too risque.    The recent PETA outburst calls to mind this line.  The New York Times published a picture of a chicken provocatively posed to compliment their crispy chicken skin article in the Food and Dining section.  PETA is outraged.  A PETA spokesman went so far as to call the image necrophilia.   The whole charade, though, is the […]

4 10, 2011

Get Traffic to Your Site With Well Written Content

As digital media marketing takes the forefront, you are probably wondering what actions you need to take to get traffic to your site.  Inbound marketing is a soft science.  Every expert you consult has a different opinion of how it should be done.  The fact remains, though, compelling, well written web site content will always

1 10, 2011

Subliminal Messaging: How Whole Foods Primes You

I’m cheap.  I go to the grocery store with a list and a stack of coupons.  I browse the sales.  I plan to cook around them.  I’ve even bought dozens of singular onions just because $3 for 3 pounds seems high.  So, when I read an article like How Whole Foods Primes You to Shop, it makes me shake my head and wonder, am I a victim of subliminal brand messaging?   Whole Foods can teach us quite a bit […]