16 12, 2011

AP Stylebook and Chicago Manual of Style: Does It Apply to Web Content Writing?

I am often confused by suggestions of web content writing as it applies to the AP Stylebook and Chicago Manual.  I thought I would clarify a bit on what these stylebooks mean.  After all, I, at least, get so darn confused, maybe you do, too. A long, long time ago, possibly when dinosaurs roamed the

12 12, 2011

Professional Copywriters, First You Are a Business

Sometimes, decisions need to be made.  They are rough, tough and by no means feasible but necessary decisions.  We must always keep in mind what direction we want to send ourselves via our business model.  For those times, you need to recall, first, you are a business.  Second,and only second, you are a passionate, talented,

2 12, 2011

Using Public Relations and Media in Your Legal Practice

f you watch the nightly news, you may have noticed how often attorneys are in demand.  Whether it’s the latest glamorized murder trial, or a new change in legislation, we rely on the opinions of legal experts to keep us informed.  You may have even wondered how you can be the one in front of

2 12, 2011

Blog Posts for Tenon Tours

As a leader in Irish travel, Tenon Tours needed additional website content to help publicize their passion for Ireland.  Heavily keyworded for SEO marketing, these blog posts were designed to take their inbound marketing campaign to the next level.  Hiring a professional copy writer allowed Tenon Tours to develop unparalleled web site content.  eMarketing Copywriter

2 12, 2011

Blog Posts for Empire Beauty School

A leader in cosmetology education, Empire Beauty School blog requires a voice that appeals to high school students.  Focused on mentoring and beauty school enrollments, the blog has been garnering significant attention thanks to the contributing creative angles of eMarketing Copywriter. Make-up Artistry 3 Ways: Which Program to Choose Ten Tips for Deciding Which Beauty

2 12, 2011

The Ethics of Professional Copy Writers Fake Reviewing

Did anyone notice that, besides being a professional copy writer,  I'm the Wilmington Restaurant Examiner?  It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it.  I mean, I take my valuable time to travel to a restaurant, usually with a close friend, order several things off the menu and, unfortunately, sample them all.   Then,

1 12, 2011

Half Moon Restaurant & Saloon for exotic wild game

At times, life requires a special meal. For those times, when time together with a close friend or loved one needs to carry with it a note of the unique, Half Moon Restaurant & Saloon is the place. On...