24 01, 2012

How SEO Copywriting Increased My Client’s Leads 300%

If you took a minute to review what SEO copywriting is, this headline shouldn't surprise you.  When done correctly, SEO copywriting can produce a tremendous amount of leads.  Many companies have learned that having a strong online presence is the number one factor in successful business growth.  How did my client do it? Target your

20 01, 2012

What Is SEO Copywriting?

It's not unusual to see requests for SEO copywriting. The term has become common in inbound and digital media marketing.  When we discuss building an online presence, SEO is bound to be one of the first discussions.  What, exactly, though, does it mean to be an SEO copy writer? SEO means search engine

17 01, 2012

7 Must Know Tips for Hiring an SEO Copywriter

When you hire an SEO copywriter, you'll want to make sure they are familiar with certain aspects of SEO.  Your marketing campaign hinges on your ability to successfully hire the right person.  This is particularly true if you are engaging the copywriter to create the mainstays of your website content writing. An understanding of Google

12 01, 2012

Private Copywriter vs. Corporate Giant, Which Costs More?

Website content writing has a price.  It's a significant piece of your marketing, after all.  The question I'd rather ask is how much does it cost?  When we consider copywriting rates, you might be surprised how little a bio that lasts you years can cost.  What about website content writing? It stays on your website

6 01, 2012

How Often Should I Blog?

My best friend likes to say I write blogs.  He says I'm a blogger.  His chest puffs out, his shoulders arch back, and he announces, "She writes blogs."  Now, as a professional copy writer, we know I offer a lot more copywriting services than blogging right?  Regardless, the truth is, 'how often should I blog'

5 01, 2012

5 Website Copywriting Mistakes That Will Hurt Your Website and Your Business

Ahh! Not again.  A poorly written website, strife with website copywriting mistakes, can be the easiest way to immediately lose a client.  Profound, right?  If you've employed an inbound marketing plan, you've invested your marketing budget in getting clients to your site.  The rate by which they leave your site is called a bounce rate. 

5 01, 2012

Writing for the Web, Writing for the Reader

If you ask me what I do, I love to say, tritely, "I'm a writer." The other day, a curious young man wished me good luck in finding an audience for my work.  The truth is, when you excel at writing for the web, there is no end to the possibilities.  Every day, billions of

5 01, 2012

12 Must Read Tips for Writing for the Web

Writing for the web is quite different than writing for print, don't you think?  The truth is, print work has very strict guidelines.  The scary AP Stylebook and Chicago Manual of Style grace any print writer's desk.  Me? I haven't even dusted the thesaurus in a year.  When I need a dictionary, I

5 01, 2012

How Quality Copywriting Will Help You Rank Higher

When we talk about quality copywriting, we already know some of the basics.   Do you have a thorough understanding of why it helps you rank higher?  As more and more companies vie for a first page slot, it may be time to question how quality copywriting will help you rank higher. There is a

5 01, 2012

How I Became a Professional Copywriter

If you were wondering how a girl working in the sign and graphics  business, a B2B start up corporation, ended up a professional copywriter, you should hear the story sometime.  It's quite good.  Now?  Well, alright.  Gather round.  Get the banjo, for those important points of emphasis only music can accommodate. If you work in