29 02, 2012

Pithy Punctuation: Choking on Capitalization, Online Writing Tips

Wow.  How do we even get started?  Let's assume you know the basics: You always capitalize cities, states, capitals, proper names, months, days of the week, seasons,etc. Sentence case means a capital letter.  The title of this blog is in sentence case. Books, most items in a bibliography and I have no idea what else

28 02, 2012

What Is Content Marketing? Copywriting Meets Marketing

Content marketing is a term you'll see again and again.  You'll find it associated with newsletter companies, the grandmother, or direct mail, the grandfather, of content marketing. The modern internet version is a bit more complicated, though.  It's what SEO copywriters, like me, get to explain all the time to people like you.  Ready? Everybody

27 02, 2012

Pithy Punctuation: Over-used Ellipses

Website content writing, should it use ellipses?  How about blog copywriting?  What if you're an SEO copywriter? I use the ellipsis all the time.  However, there is absolutely a differentiation between use of the ellipses for good, quality online copy and formal writing.  Let's start with the formal rules, since they're more boring. Show that

25 02, 2012

An SEO Copywriter Gives a Google Vocab Lesson

Listen, I'm an SEO copywriter. If you think that I often don high heels, a pencil skirt and bun, you're wrong.  Today, though, I'm putting on my teaching hat just for you.  Yup, pay attention because teacher doesn't approve of bad behavior in class! There will be a quiz.  Those who pass will get an

24 02, 2012

Pithy Punctuation: The Oxford Comma

Instinctively, you use the Oxford comma all the time.  You might call it the Harvard comma, though.  The Oxford comma is a series of commas. That's it.  Nothing more to it ... or is there? If you don't use your commas correctly, you can tell your reader something you don't intend to.  The Oxford comma

23 02, 2012

Pithy Punctuation: To Comma, Or Not To Comma

... that is the question. Whether this nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to take arms against them ... In other words, arm yourselves. There is absolutely no way to make the comma unobtrusive, interesting, or in any way painless.  It's a complicated lesson.  Professional copywriter or not, you'll find

22 02, 2012

Pithy Punctuation: Awful Apostrophe

I'm telling you right now, fellow professional copywriters,  that I may mess up this lesson.  Go ahead, giggle away.  I'll try as hard as I can to get it right.  Here it goes: In lieu of missing letters, aka a contraction -- I ain't saying she's a gold digger. Possession ... mine mine mine --

21 02, 2012

How To Fix Advertising Copywriting Brand Confusion

When was the last time you reviewed your advertising copywriting for branding consistency? Did you Google your business name? Actually read each of your profiles in case they needed tweaking? Today I assisted a client with their professional copywriting by tweaking their Google Listing, Bing Listing, Facebook Profile and website content writing. I'm pretty confused. 

20 02, 2012

Pithy Punctuation: Deciphering Quotation Marks

Don't quote me here, but I use air quotes more often than the real ones. Why? For one, all my copywriting services are based on business and non-fictional pursuits.  When you do a lot of blog copywriting, even when you've well researched a topic, you only quote occasionally, based on pertinent sourced information. Quotes, though,

18 02, 2012

Pithy Punctuation: Semi-colon Showdown

As if colon cleansing wasn't exhausting enough, we cannot discuss the colon without discussing the semi-colon, it's half limp cousin.  Shall we keep the same format of rules followed by examples? Connect two independent clauses or thoughts Form a bond between two sentences that are related or contrasted If a second comma would result in