31 03, 2012

Sales Copywriting: Personalize the Proposal

How often do you get form emails, form letters or form documents?  Do you read the sales copywriting? I don't.  If a business, company or entity couldn't take a minute to personalize the proposal, I don't read their letter. Whether it's the Sierra Trail Club or an email from a business colleague, I hate informal

30 03, 2012

What the Heck Is Madness Copywriting?

Sometimes people look at me strangely.  I don't know why.  My hair is usually combed or pony tailed, my clothes mostly match and I shower at least monthly. Alas, I'm a copywriter. I'd be much happier holed up in a cabin in the woods where a gourmet catering service could be helicoptered in weekly. And

29 03, 2012

Sales Copywriting: Funnel Vision

If you recognized my reference to the buying funnel, go you! If you didn't, you should know that the buying process is often referred to as something called the sales funnel. Basically, when someone visits your website, they are at various stages of the buying process. Start thinking in terms of the steps your buyers

28 03, 2012

Sales Copywriting: Pick a Schtick

Who are you?  Seriously.  Who are you? What do you want to do, who do you want to do it for and what makes you better at doing it than the 10 other guys who do it? Sales copywriting takes these points and boils them down into excellent website content writing. We use these answers

26 03, 2012

Sales Copywriting: Call to Action and Callouts

The most important piece of sales copywriting you'll ever do is your call to action.  What the heck is that? These blurbs tell the reader what you want them to do next.  Whether it's call you, stop by or request a consult, they are placed in your website content writing, as part of your blog

24 03, 2012

Sales Copywriting: Know Your Audience

A few months ago I wrote a newsletter for a few of my favorite folks.  A nice Southern couple, they own and operate a classy bed and breakfast in Virginia. To celebrate the Martin Luther King holiday weekend, they offered a special.  It just so happened, the date fell on a Friday the 13th.  If

22 03, 2012

Sales Copywriting: Sell the Benefit, Not the Product

Sales copywriting has nothing to do with the product itself.  Brace yourself.  I know, that one's a whammy for most people. I mean, if you're buying a razor, of course it's about the razor, right? Wrong. Sales copywriting, along with advertising copywriting, is about the benefit of what the product has to offer the buyer.

21 03, 2012

A Copywriter Remembers Her Dream

I climb mountains. I'm a Buddhist. I love to cook. I'm resolutely single and seeking. I've peed on the Continental Divide. Recently, though, something happened to me. I accepted a contract with a large corporation (as a copywriter) that requires me to be onsite with the client every single day. My alarm goes off at

20 03, 2012

Sales Copywriting: Urgency Usage

Shall we illustrate this sales copywriting point with a story? My best friend sells jewelry.  Not just any jewelry, but the fancy stuff that costs about the same as a car ... or a down payment on a house. You know, Rolexes, 3-carat diamonds and custom-made pieces that are passed through generations of  the family

19 03, 2012

Sales Copywriting: Telling vs. Selling

I am going to admit something about sales copywriting that I've never told anyone. I am a teller. Yup, one of my great big glaring Achilles heels, after spelling, is that I used to be a teller. If you are telling instead of selling, your passive voice is not going to motivate your buyers. Here's