21 04, 2012

The number one mistake stupid businesses make

Even as a professional copywriter, there are rules that every business owner must follow. Once in a while, one of my people tries to hide behind the creative professional crutch, but I don't think having an active imagination is any excuse to practice bad business behavior, do you? I want to tell you the number

19 04, 2012

Why you must use Google Places

I'm not going to bore you with a bunch of words in this post.  It's not even about professional copywriting. In fact, you only need one visual to understand why you must use Google Places. (It's a link below.) For weeks, I've been harping on Google Places as an excellent asset to your business.  Again

6 04, 2012

How Affiliate Landing Pages Relate to Website Content Writing

Have you heard this term before?  I was asked by a client if I had experience with this type of website content writing.  As a matter of fact, I do.  I write landing pages all the time.  Affiliate landing pages, though, are different.  Do you know how? If you are selling a product

5 04, 2012

How to Write the 3 Types of Affiliate Landing Pages

Did you already read about affiliate landing pages?  Cool. When we discuss affiliate marketing, we are typically referring to those product businesses where a company is behind the independent sales professional.  You know, Avon, Mary Kay, XYZ Male Enhancement, etc.  Multiple people are competing to promote and sell the same item. Affiliate landing pages are

3 04, 2012

Sales Copywriting: What’s Your Marketing Plan

I feel like the best way to wrap up the sales copywriting series is a debriefing on what we already covered, no? You see, once you have all the facts, you've got to have a plan.  So, when we talk about proposals and the buying funnel, then we have to convert those ideas into an