27 06, 2012

How to Write a Business Review, Advice of a Professional Copywriter

Professional copywriters have made more than a living off being the 'poison pen' for consumers.  Impressively, we've delved into having a pro write our complaints into quaint little reviews for us.  Let's dig into the best way to do this, shall we? I had to hire a moving company.  I found one with an excellent

17 06, 2012

4 Questions You Must Ask Yourself About Your Website Content Writing

Professional copywriters don’t have superpowers.  Ok, ok, I do.  But most, generally speaking, can’t just read your mind and market you the way that’s best for you (except me.)  Website content writing is best deciphered as a calculated approach to your business. You want to make sure your professional copywriter focuses on the goals you

11 06, 2012

Business Copywriting: Do my geo targets limit me?

Business copywriting sometimes comes down to test and measure decisions. Geo-targets fall under this category.  Let's have a discussion on how geo-targets may, or may not, limit you. I'm not going to dig into the programming aspect of this discussion, but I'll try to touch on the business copywriting side.  You see, in

5 06, 2012

Advertising Copywriting: Say what you do, do what you say

I had the opportunity to edit a website with my client on the phone last week. She just happened to be from New York.  If you know what I’m talkin’ about I want you to picture the exchange I’m about to share with you in heavily accented ‘new yawker.’  (Come on, it's fun!) She read