31 10, 2013

6 Blog Copywriting Blunders That Cost You Big

Image Source: SmartInsights.com Blog copywriting is a discussion we could have all day. I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly. But yesterday was particularly ugly. The private blogger (and he's definitely not alone) was doing so many things wrong with his writing that I never got past reviewing a few articles.

17 10, 2013

How Financial Planners Can Effectively Market on Social Media

My financial adviser is one of the smartest chicks I know. She's so bright that her mile-a-minute speech patterns leave my brain buzzing.  As women in business go, she more than has her finger on the pulse of her business; she's got her hand wrapped around it. In a meeting yesterday, however, she

16 10, 2013

Dispelling Irish Stereotypes: The Irish Have the Gift of Gab

from Tenon Tours - Travel to Ireland, the UK, and Beyond.

When we first saw this Irish stereotype, we wondered how anyone could suggest an entire culture of people were all talkers. So, where did this one come from? It should only take us a few moments of your time to completely throw it out the window. Are you ready? We’ll break this Irish stereotype down […]

14 10, 2013

Irish Whiskey Merchanting: The Business Behind the Booze

from Tenon Tours - Travel to Ireland, the UK, and Beyond.

I thought writing a little blog about the business of Irish whiskey would be easy. I’d do 10 minutes of research, then spout off a bunch of facts relevant to the business behind the booze. Wrong. For one, Irish whiskey must be made in Ireland. We know that much, right? But what about all the […]

12 10, 2013

Website Content Writing: What Does Search Engine Optimization Mean, Exactly?

Image Source: http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4134/4820747290_6c754da1f8.jpg   Website content writing is often paired with an SEO copywriter. Search engine optimization (SEO) as we will refer to it here, is the use of specific keywords in order to tell Google what your site is about. Logically, you might consider what defines your business. For me, it's copywriting,

11 10, 2013

How to Plan the Cheapest Possible Ireland Vacation

from Tenon Tours - Travel to Ireland, the UK, and Beyond.

It’s hard not to grit my teeth when I mention the cheapest possible Ireland vacation. All said and done, Ireland is just a pricey country. Unlike other parts of the world, you simply can’t enjoy your experience in the same way when budget is the only concern. Therefore, while we can certainly give you all […]

10 10, 2013

Website Content Writing: How You Need to Break Up the Page

Image Source: Website content writing involves a tricky little thing called breaking up the page. While we went over subheads last time, this issue parallels the use of keyword rice sentences to preview your topic matters. Breaking up the page refers to how you’ll format your design and on-page content to make the

9 10, 2013

10 Cool Facts About Irish Potatoes and Irish History

from Tenon Tours - Travel to Ireland, the UK, and Beyond.

Do you remember our delve into the Great Famine? A blight swept through Ireland and killed all the potato crops, desecrating the population. It was a shocking time in Irish history. But let’s face it: it’s not just an Irish stereotype. The Irish eat a lot of potatoes. And since we love some boiled cabbage and […]

8 10, 2013

Dispelling Irish Stereotypes: Why Are the Irish Hot-Tempered, Fighting and Angry?

from Tenon Tours - Travel to Ireland, the UK, and Beyond.

Imagine this: you’re quietly farming your land on the countryside of the only home you’ve ever known when a foreign political force sweeps in and overtakes everything you’ve worked for. Your home is suddenly not your own. Your land, you’re told, isn’t yours. Even, sometimes, if you’re the second son, you might be told you […]

8 10, 2013

Website Content Writing: Going Down, Above the Fold, Below the Fold

Image Source: http://freewritingtips.wyliecomm.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/rur_130101_12b.jpg This concept is in the realm of website content writing … but I toyed with whether or not to bring this issue up. In a few of the sites I’ve reviewed, I noticed something called a ‘fat foot’ being added. Basically all the contact information for the business is being