29 11, 2013

Instruments Used in Traditional Irish Music

from Tenon Tours - Travel to Ireland, the UK, and Beyond.

We all know the harp is a famous Irish symbol. But do we know its Irish music roots? Let’s take a look at a few of the main instruments used in Irish music (and make sure to see some traditional musicians on your next trip to Ireland!): Harp This ancient instrument has been part of […]

27 11, 2013

Top 10 Benefits of Retiring in Ireland (from the U.S.A.)

from Tenon Tours - Travel to Ireland, the UK, and Beyond.

What sparked our interest in retiring in Ireland? During a recent tour of Ireland, a couple approaching the end of their working years started discussing their plan to relocate overseas. They suggested the foreign countries they were considering; they want to look into retiring in Ireland. Well, when you fall in love with the Emerald […]

26 11, 2013

A Super-Gross, Slightly Embarassing Trendy Thankfulness Blog Post

Even though I'm a copywriter, it is often hard for me to put myself out there in a personal, meaningful way. This gross, trendy post aims to do just that. A year ago, I transitioned from a contract position at a large corporation into full-time private client work. Everyone from the outside gets to see

25 11, 2013

Top 10 Irish Nicknames

from Tenon Tours - Travel to Ireland, the UK, and Beyond.

Let’s face it; sometimes nicknames aren’t very nice. And we absolutely do not condone all of the nicknames below. Just like the Irish stereotypes we’ve referenced previously, nicknames, for one reason or another, are what arise out of a misunderstanding of a culture. You might be surprised to learn that not just Americans have used […]

25 11, 2013

Vegan Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipe: Brussel Sprouts and Berries

Today's post has nothing to do with copywriting. Sorry. But this delicious and amazing recipe went over so well at my vegan potluck dinner last night that I wanted to share it with everyone. As you know, Thanksgiving, focused on turkey (gasp!), can be a difficult time for many of us. Not this year. This

22 11, 2013

How to Make Your Blog Copywriting Better. Then Best.

Image source: Blackdogstrategy.com In a world where everybody writes, you want your blog copywriting to stand out. And I'm going to teach you how. First, I want you to pull up this blog I read about artificial sweeteners. I'm going to refer to it so that we can be on the same page

20 11, 2013

7 Reasons This Copywriter Loves Vegan Mainstream

Typically, I've built my blog topics around copywriter lessons based on how a business could better tackle their writing for marketing. Not today. Today, I'm going to tell you seven reasons that I'm in love with Vegan Mainstream. Let me be perfectly clear that I'm not being paid by this business, and we're

20 11, 2013

The Lonely Planet World Food Guide to Ireland Food

from Tenon Tours - Travel to Ireland, the UK, and Beyond.

If tasting the culinary delicacies of a country is one of your main travel goals, then make sure you count Ireland in! You may at first balk at the idea of a food tour of Ireland; however, Ireland is certainly up and coming in the culinary world – it’s not just about meat and potatoes […]

15 11, 2013

10 Ah-mazing Things I Learned from She’s Got Clients With Christine Gallagher

Last week, I announced that I was attending the She's Got Clients Live event with my business colleague Christine Gallagher. Over five years ago, when I was (eek!) selling signs and she was (eek! again) still finding her path, we networked together in South Jersey. Today, Christine has taken her passion for mentoring

13 11, 2013

The Irish Hotel Ballymaloe House Has Its Own Cookbook

from Tenon Tours - Travel to Ireland, the UK, and Beyond.

Here’s what happened: While I was looking for an Irish cookbook for traditional Irish food recipes I found one that was related to the Ballymaloe House. And the story is just as fascinating an Irish tale as any I usually have the occasion to tell. On your next vacation to Ireland, you might consider stopping […]