27 12, 2013

How to Hire a Content Writer

Image Source: Themetapicture.com I listened to an awesome podcast this morning about the use of guest blogging to grow your business. The premise, of course, involved adopting an authoritative (i.e. commands respect of the brand) website, and then promoting that brand to other websites. In return for guest blogging, you receive a link

24 12, 2013

The Best Ever Blog Copywriting Advice: Take 3

Blog copywriting is greatly improved when you stick to the facts of your main thesis. Today's lesson is going to focus on something slightly left of center: Marketing words  Let that sink in for a second. Remember when your parents used to wash out your mouth with soap for saying the wrong thing? I do.

19 12, 2013

Buy Local? 6 Ways Small Businesses Are Losing Sales … And How to Fix It.

Image Source: Locobc.com As a copywriter for small businesses, I try to buy local whenever possible. It's important to me to see mom and pop shops succeed in our economy. This year, I'm putting the focus on giving everyone I love (yes, even my big brother) hippie gifts. I wanted to focus on

16 12, 2013

The Best Ever Blog Copywriting Advice: Take 4

Image Source: CasualFurDay.com In our last blog copywriting session, we promised career coach Porschia Parker that we'd give her another writing audit of her internal blog content. Here it is: <---- click there for the blog we're referring to. Use of Compelling Questions. I love this blog copywriting style as a concept. Asking

13 12, 2013

It’s Here! Career Coach Parker’s New Blog: 5 Tips to Help Her Keep Kicking Butt

Blog copywriting, and getting started with a shiny new blog, is never easy. What many people don't realize is that all the decisions are being made by one person - you - and you alone. And deciding what will resonate with your niche is a lot more difficult when you've only got one brain to

12 12, 2013

The Best Ever Blog Copywriting Advice: Take 2

Recently, we looked at how to make your blog copywriting better. We poked through a nutrition blog that railed against the horrors of sugar. Let's look at another one and see if we can help this blogger get on track with some better blog copywriting. As always, pull up the article to get started so

11 12, 2013

5 Sweet Little Tips for a Plant-Based Diet from a Vegan Writer

Image Source: Feedio.net Vegan writing is a focus of my life. Working with vegan businesses, coaches and entrepreneurs inspires me to learn a little more everyday. So, when I saw Kenn put out a distress call that he, basically, wanted to cuddle up to one of us vegans (near NYC ladies) so he

9 12, 2013

Miscellaneous Guest Blog Posts

As a professional freelance copywriter, Elspeth Misiaszek is often asked to contribute her voice as a guest blogger.  If you’ve got a blog you’d like to link us to, please feel free to contact us for more information on our guest blogging services. Interact Media – 5 Tips Every Professional Copywriter Should Know Eco  Traveler

5 12, 2013

The Best Ever Blog Copywriting Advice Series

Image Source: Softcup.com What makes your blog copywriting stand out on the internet? Clearly, there is a difference between the quality of blog copywriting from one organization to another. But. You. Just. Can't. Put. Your. Finger. On It. Now you can. I decided to give you a resource to help your blog copywriting

5 12, 2013

Noah Rickun Sales Trainer

Innovative blogging creative to engage your readers on a regular basis. We provide blog copywriting services for sales training topics using insightful statistics and credited source images. Language in this blog was kept light and informative to reflect the client’s spirited style of sales coaching Got Milk? 9 Sneaky Ways You’re Being Sold Groceries What