29 01, 2014

5 Most Common Copywriting Mistakes Coaches Make

It's no big secret that a coach's success depends largely on their copywriting. More accurately, on their ability to effectively communicate their inner magic to the pages. And it's not uncommon to see these five copywriting mistakes popping up again and again. They don't just detract from your image; they take away your profits. Take

23 01, 2014

Lose Another Coaching Gig? Here’s Why.

Image Source: InsuranceLeadsGuide.com Why does my copywriting increase sales for coaches, vegans and entrepreneurs? It's because the sales process absolutely must go hand-in-hand with your copywriting and marketing, that's why. If you don't run your business well, the best copywriting in the world can't help you pull in new sales leads. Likewise, even

17 01, 2014

5 Easy Steps of Ghostwriting for Coaches

When I'm ghostwriting for coaches, I often get questions about how, exactly, the process works. Typically, before you even hire a ghostwriter, coaches have to: Be too busy earning money to blog, write, finish ecourses, etc. Taking too much time writing to justify doing it instead of growing the business Feel frustrated with their finished

9 01, 2014

3 Crucial Considerations Before Coaches Hire a Ghostwriter

Image Source: Pics22.com Recently, I had the ghostwriting opportunity to take over the newsletter content of an up and coming organics health coach. Her moderately successful business was continuing to grow at a rate that made it financially feasible for her to start delegating business tasks. My ghostwriting client We held a few

6 01, 2014

Bah Humbug! 3 Reasons I’m So Glad the Holiday Is Over

Image Source; Othersideoffifty.com I've been called a Grinchess, and a Scrooge. I've been falsely accused of party pooping a few times. It's even crossed my shallow copywriter's mind to pretend I'm part of an abstention-from Christmas based religion … But the truth is, I just don't buy into all the Holiday hype that

3 01, 2014

The Most Awesome Advice I Ever Got From a Sales Coach

Image Source: GreekShares.com We had a problem. My business partner couldn't sell anything. He showed up to the office everyday. He made calls, and then more calls, but his sales skill were awful. I began to feel like my deals and sales copywriting were the only ones holding the business together (they were).