27 02, 2014

People Buy From People: Why Generic Content Writing Doesn’t Work

Image Source: Whatever.Scalzi.com As you can imagine, when you own a copywriting and content writing business, you get a lot of questions about automated software programs. There are so many awesome solutions on the market these days (send me an email if you need ideas!) that sorting it all out can be a

18 02, 2014

How Buzz Words Will (Or Won’t) Help Build a Coaching Business

I'm sitting across the interview table from a middle-aged woman in a beige  Nordstrom's suit. She's leaning into me intently, asking what equates to the same question again and again, "Why do you want to work for us?" She started her attack by telling me how successful other freelance writers in their industry are; I

12 02, 2014

6 Sweet Vegan Copywriting Cues from Janet Pevy’s Naked Butter

I've been engaging myself with green businesses for the last several years. Vegan copywriting, for me, isn't just about a brand; it's about embodying that ideal in my everyday lifestyle. For gifts this year, I turned to Etsy, an enterprise of crafters and artisans from all over the world. I wanted to find an all-natural,

7 02, 2014

6 Savvy Vegan Copywriting Ideas for Zee Green Bags

I've been working hard to give vegan copywriting advice to small businesses that really need it. Zee Green Bags isn't exactly vegan, but it's close to our cause. Let's give my business colleague John Zeiger, owner of Zee Green Bags since July 2013,  a few savvy tips  to attract more buyers: Who's the business targeting?

3 02, 2014

Committing Self-Sabotage? How Coaches Kill Their Writing

If you've never used a ghostwriter before, you might find it difficult to let go of your writing and let a copywriter take the reins. Most coaches do. But the truth is until you learn to delegate the pieces of your business that don't require you to be 100% hands on (i.e. writing, social media,