30 04, 2014

Busted! How to Test the Knowledge of Your SEO Blogger

Image Source: Allthingslearning.com I'm having an issue lately. I've noticed a trend whereby experts in whatever-they-claim-to-be aren't really experts. They are marketers. And trying to decipher the game-changers from the players is a tedious job. Don't get me wrong, there is room for everyone. But sometimes you need an SEO blogger who really

28 04, 2014

Tell-All Results from Nathalie Lussier’s 30-Day List-Building Challenge

Have you heard of this amazing list-building challenge? I don’t remember where I saw the link, but it came into my life at the perfect time. Your list is a group of people that you promote to via email. It’s your network of people who are interested in what you do, sell, or offer to

25 04, 2014

6 Great Sources of Expert Freelance Marketing Talent

Image Source: Somecards.com Freelance marketing experts are as diverse as ever these days. Marketing, for one, can mean any number of online or traditional print avenues. Do you: Need digital media marketing expertise? Struggle with your SEO blogging and content marketing? Want help getting a book promoted/published? Have to undertake a new product

24 04, 2014

3 Crucial Ways to Get Around the Facebook Pay-to-Play Fiasco

Oh, Facebook, I love you. For years you've allowed me to see which mean girls from high school have gotten fat, and who married an ugly dude. And then, you allowed me to transition into the amazing world of business where I could give snarky feedback to a company anytime they didn't live up to

23 04, 2014

2 Tips on Finding Relevent SEO Blogging Keywords

Image Source: Lardwantsworldpeace.tumblr.com SEO blogging isn't rocket science, is it? You don't have to be perfectly accurate to shoot yourself to the website moon. So, why do you stress so much? Because if you don't get it right, you won't get the ROI out of SEO blogging that you want. Let's look at

17 04, 2014

Yikes! 7 Reasons Your SEO Blogging Isn’t Working For You

A few weeks ago I did a little crowd-sourcing to ask my network what SEO copywriting tips they’d be the most interested in hearing. While I’m used to concerns with creative content or finding the right images, what I didn’t expect to hear was how many folks were frustrated with whether or not their blog […]

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11 04, 2014

Smack Down! 3 Management Tips for Your SEO Blogger

Image Source: AboutLeaders.com So you finally convinced the important guy you report to hire an SEO blogger...and you can spend an extra hour a day cruising Pinterest for kittens. Nice. But they aren't getting the job done. Don't they get it? Managing a creative professional can be a lot like herding cats. You

9 04, 2014

How to Hire an SEO Copywriter

Image Source: Hubspot.net Do you think that just anyone can be an SEO copywriter? Something strange happened to me last week and I wanted to share it with you. I had a sort of epiphany about my life. Ok, not an angels are singing, lights are flashing epiphany, but a moment of realization.

3 04, 2014

6 Times You Need to Hire an SEO Blogger

Image Source: IndigoInbound.co.uk Do you need an SEO blogger? There seems to be a great debate about the validity of SEO in general these days. What's the reality? The more you blog, the more traffic your new content attracts to your website. If you promote those blogs (i.e. social media, guest posting, etc)