30 05, 2014
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How to (Gasp!) Fire Your Copywriter

I got fired. And if you're shocked that I'm even admitting this (so am I), well, it was actually a blessing in disguise. For one, I was miserable. I can only vouch for the fact that I was supposed to be assigned four tasks a day and was, instead, being given about two per week.

28 05, 2014
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3 of the Hardest Ever Freelance Marketing Lessons

At the beginning of 2014, I realized I was doing an awful job at something important. I have not been giving back enough to help other new businesses. For this, I am truly sorry. And believe you me, I've got a lot of expertise banging around in this head of mine. I've been part of

23 05, 2014
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The Dirty Truth About Freelance Copywriting

Image Source: Schipul.com Sometimes, freelance copywriting allows me the privilege of editing the work of other writers. Typically, they aren't earning their living as a writer, but decide to take a stab at the writing that needs to be done by their office. However, this writer did something a little unusual; he solicited

21 05, 2014

You Can Do Anything You Want

At a conference last week, I got slightly offended by one of the attendees. I struggled with why I was so hurt by the interaction I had with this woman. She said, "What do you do?" I told her I was a copywriter. She rolled her eyes and said, "Good luck with that. My son's

20 05, 2014

Should You Hire an SEO Blogger or Blogging Coach?

Image Source: HolyKaw.alltop.com Do you need a blogging coach, or an SEO blogger? If you are just starting out, this can be a difficult question to answer for yourself. However, it comes down to one basic question: do you want to do the work yourself, or let someone do the work for you?

16 05, 2014

3 Simple Reasons Your SEO Blogger Strategy Isn’t Working

Do you consider yourself an SEO blogger? If you've been banging out blogs more religiously than a Catholic nun says the rosary, after a few months, you're probably expecting results. So, first, recognize that there are two sides to this story. The first is that you have to use the right keywords. As any good

14 05, 2014

5 Creative Copywriting Sparks for Idealess Days

Image source: Creattica.com Ugh. Not another smattering of ideas. There's just nothing in your brain today to give out. How do you get your creative copywriting done when blog writing is the very last thing you want to do? Instead of struggling, take advantage of these five idea-sparking actions steps: Rename Your Project

12 05, 2014

How Not to be An SEO Blogger. Seriously.

Image Source: Bootcampdigital.com Sometimes, being a rebel is a great decision. Everyone goes right, you go left, boom! - something amazing happens. And sometimes it's not. Like when you aren't getting the results you want because you decided to do things differently. You know, like SEO blogger tactics. So, if you want to

8 05, 2014

5 Amazing Long-Term Creative Copywriting Strategies

The key to great marketing is that you continually provide creative copywriting. And after a few years, that can be hard. You might start to feel like you've already written about everything in your field. How do you turn your cold brain into red hot ideas? Take On a Persona Creative copywriting exudes personality. You

6 05, 2014

Which SEO Blogger eCourse Should You Take?

Are you considering an SEO blogger ecourse? Maybe you'd prefer to attend a seminar taught by someone in your network so you get hands-on attention? After seeing several SEO blogger ecourses pop through my networks, I started to wonder; how do you choose one? Which is truly the best for you? How to choose an