30 06, 2014
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Top 10 Marketing Tips for Pre-Launching a Coaching Website

image source: savagechickens.com Launching a coaching website, or personal services business like copywriting,  is kind of like a catch-22. You need followers and an audience to sell your products to, but you need products to sell them. Even if you're the product, you still need an events, webinar and/or personal coaching package to

27 06, 2014
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Ask an SEO Blogger: Why and How Much?

Image Source: DigitalInformationworld.com I've loved answering the really unique questions my colleagues have thrown at me about being an SEO blogger. Most of them have been two fold - should I do this an how. Today's is, too: "I’d love to know the difference between a regular blogger and an SEO blogger and

25 06, 2014

Top 10 Festivals in Ireland

from Tenon Tours - Travel to Ireland, the UK, and Beyond.

As you plan your trip to Ireland, you might be wondering what festivals in Ireland you could attend. Why do we suggest you plan it out? For one, Ireland only has a few major cities. The major festivals in Ireland are held in Dublin. Outside of Dublin, quaint villages dominate Ireland, making it difficult to […]

25 06, 2014

Ask an SEO Blogger: Does Link Building Matter in 2014?

Image Source: Apihayayihan.blogspot.com About a week ago, I encouraged you to "Ask an SEO Blogger" any and all questions. Here's the one we're going to cover today: I used to be a link builder of a number of SEO firms based in the US. Does link building still matter in 2014? If it

23 06, 2014
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4 Easy Steps to Getting Started with an SEO Blog

A huge thank you to Camille McDaniel, the Counselor Entrepreneur for inviting me to interview with her. Here’s a recap of our telephone conference: 1. Think about your keywords Here’s the deal; for most of us using SEO in small business, the general terms for what we do are too competitive to give us a

23 06, 2014

Should You Join a Blogging Link Party? Maybe.

Image Source: Analysis-of-investment-performance.com I started to answer this question privately, but the thought came to me that quite a few people might want to know the answer outside the circle. Hence, a blog on: "The purpose of this group is to syndicate blog comments and increase each other's blog exposure. What do you

5 06, 2014
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Ah-ha! Here’s Why Small Business Needs an SEO Blogger

Image Source: Daryllang.com A few weeks ago, I posted on the relevance of an SEO blogger. A colleague questioned whether pursuing SEO was even an option if you had a low-budget. I mean, come-on - how does the little guy compete? So, let's just get it out there. The million dollar question is,

3 06, 2014

Let’s Play, “Ask an SEO Blogger” Start…Now

First, thank you so much to everyone and anyone who has been reaching out to me lately with questions, comments, concerns and frustrations about being an SEO blogger. eMarketing Copywriter has been banging out content for big corporations, vegan businesses, and coaches for over three years. Wow. As an SEO blogger, I've launched campaigns for