28 07, 2014
  • personal-and-product-branding

Hi-Ya! Copywriting for Personal vs. Product Branding

image source: www.cartoonsbyjim.com In the last few weeks, I've had two perfect examples of copywriting for personal branding vs. product branding. While these were start-up companies, the situation wasn't unique to a new business. You have to choose between copywriting with a personal voice, or a product voice, right out of the gate.

25 07, 2014
  • blogging-etiquette

6 SEO Blogger Rules of Etiquette

image source: glasbergen.com As an SEO blogger, I've written hundreds of teeny little blogs, and big bad ones. I've worked for bosses who said, "Just hit publish..." and others who suggested, "Can we also change..." No matter what your intended course of action, the industry of online marketing continues to shift and change.

23 07, 2014
  • benefits-of-market-research

4 Huge Benefits of Market Research

image source: www.andertoons.com Do you ever feel like you have a secret and you aren't sure if you should tell someone or not? Here's mine: on my birthday, my best friend got me two presents. He bought me a chocolate covered cherries from a friend of mine, and, because he's nice, he purchased

21 07, 2014
  • copywriting-about-me

How an Expert Copywriter Writes an About Me Page

image source: jesswanderin.wordpress.com Copywriting About Me pages can be one of the hardest things you have to do. Why? It's kind of like that awkward moment at a wedding when someone asks you who you are and you have to shout the answer across a table of eight people you don't know very

18 07, 2014
  • diy-marketing-for-freelancers

How to Resolve the DIY Freelance Marketing Conundrum

image source: www.glasbergen.com How long have you been telling yourself, "I can do this myself" and then spending all your valuable time completing tasks you should have delegated? When we get started in business, a very strange thing happens. Since we aren't making money, we hesitate to spend money. And doing everything yourself,

17 07, 2014

Does Small Business Need SEO?

I was invited to interview with Camille McDaniel of the Counselor Entrepreneur a few weeks ago. My topic was 4 Easy Steps to Starting an SEO Blog. As I started putting together my notes, something funny clicked in my brain: I realized most small businesses don’t think they need search engine optimization (SEO.) We think, […]

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17 07, 2014
  • copywriting-SEO

Here’s a Secret to Copywriting SEO and Opt-In Headlines.

image source: saatchisynergize.co.za I am responsible for copywriting a lot of headlines. Sales pages, web copy subheads, newsletters…the list could go on like Bubba's list of shrimp recipes in Forest Gump. But I actually have a point. And my point is that you have to know the what and who behind  why you're

14 07, 2014
  • cat_vegan

3 Copywriting Musts to Get Your Vegan Business Booming

Copywriting is just words on a page. What's the big deal? Words can: Change how you feel about something Make you angry/happy Encourage you to buy things Engage an audience to act They are far more powerful than that. Just think about the way we describe people and the emotions those words bring forth in

10 07, 2014
  • freelance-marketing-habits

7 Successful Freelance Marketing Habits You Need

image source: changeitupediting.com Why is my freelance marketing business thriving? Quite frankly, it's because I work hard, and I've developed awesome habits that ensure my success. I thought I would share a few of my favorite freelance marketing tactics that are quick, easy, and keep you involved with your market in a meaningful

8 07, 2014
  • birthday-bucket-list

The Ultimate Birthday Bucket List

image source: katierunsthis.com Tuesday, July 8 is my birthday. And every time another year rolls by, I start thinking about all the crap I'm getting too old to do. You don't need to know the details, but I'm approaching the middle of thirty. For all intents and purposes, I still look 29ish -