4 07, 2014
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Wait! 3 Crucial Factors to Consider Before You Click “Share”

Freelance marketing means I get to network with all kinds of clients. I'm exposed to hundreds of people everyday, which means hundreds of eyes on me (eek!). But what happens when all of them start to ask me to promote their work? How do I decide who gets the thumbs up, and who get's the

2 07, 2014
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Ask an SEO Blogger: Should Permalink URLs be Shortened?

Image Source: Allspammedup.com Recently, I posted the opportunity for anyone and everyone to play "Ask an SEO blogger."  I've found that dozens of small businesses have questions about how to run, organize, or maintain their SEO blogger campaigns. Here's the first question I received: "I’ve noticed that you use your title in your

1 07, 2014

Tenon’s Top 10 Favorite Irish Microbreweries

from Tenon Tours - Travel to Ireland, the UK, and Beyond.

You probably know about the big beer brands in Ireland – Guinness, Smithwick’s, etc., but did you also know that Ireland offers hundreds of delicious microbrews? As Irish beer goes, you’ll find an incredible array of tastes here.   Tenon’s Top 10 Favorite Irish Microbreweries:   Porterhouse Bar In the heart of the Temple Bar […]