29 08, 2014
  • 'Unfortunately, we were a little off-target again this quarter.'

What’s Your Blog Writing Goal?

image source: shutterstock.com Blog writing seems easy enough; think of an idea, dump it on the page, hit publish. And if it were really that easy, well, we'd all be shining examples of how to blow up your business with blogging. In fact, blog writing has become a competitive, non-stop example of how

8 08, 2014
  • website-copywriting

You Write Good Like Caveman

image source: baloocartoons.com I am punny by nature. So, when a client was struggling to simplify their website copywriting, I wasn't sure how to tell them the one simple truth about their problem: the way they wrote was too complicated. In other words: We work diligently to process the needs of our high-level

6 08, 2014
  • "I'm waiting for my imagination to run riot."

How Copywriting Increases Sales

image source: cartoonstock.com The truth is most copywriters try to tell you that they will increase your sales. They suggest the words on the page really make the difference between who comes to your website and who buys from you. And for a long time, I thought that was true. I thought that

4 08, 2014
  • is-blogging-waste-of-time

Is Blog Writing a Waste of Time?

image source: glasbergen.com Blog writing started out as a web log. Thousands of people jumped on line to offer a "dear diary" viewpoint on everything from relationships to politics. And while that blog writing had it's time and place, something else happened. People realized they could generate a hefty revenue if their readers