8 10, 2014
  • Copywriter for Deodorant Commercials

Is Your Negative Copywriting a Sales Turn-Off?

Image Source: http://www.dumpaday.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/lazy-dog-funny-pictures.jpg Copywriting sales pages is tough enough. You want to sell your stuff, you have a quota you're usually expected to meet, and, well, for many of us, if we don't succeed, we don't eat. The catch is fairly simple here; you will try anything to bring in those leads. This

6 10, 2014
  • secrets-of-video-copywriting

4 Secrets to Copywriting Video Scripts

image source: anthonymorganti.com Does your business use video marketing? Getting in front of the camera and giving face can be an extremely productive way to increase your sales leads and sell more of your product. In an increasingly online world, it lets people see who you are and feel more connected to the

1 10, 2014
  • editor-and-writer

3 Signs You Need an Editor (Not a Blog Writer)

image source: chipkidd.com Not everyone benefits from having a blog writer on their team. While a copywriter can increase your sales, ensure that content gets published, and give you great exposure, this can only happen if you let them work their magic. You see, copywriters aren't project managers or creative directors. They are