26 10, 2015
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22 Times I Failed In Business

Catchy title, eh? Well... The "F" word will never serve you. Failure has no place in entrepreneurship. Instead, we need to see our businesses as an experiment that we agree to continually conduct until we get the results that we want. Every time we make a mistake, we need to learn from it, even when

22 10, 2015
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Should You Offer Free Consulting?

Have you had a time in your business when you took a big leap of faith? Was there a period where you did a lot of personal shifting in order to help your business grow? How much time, energy & effort did you spend to bring your dream to fruition? Seriously, spend a minute with

15 10, 2015
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Authenticity, You & Your Coaching Business

When I casually admitted to being a finalist in a Junior Miss-type pageant, I was double dog dared to share a picture of myself for #TBT (Throw Back Thursday). My friends today know me as the camper, hiker eco-chick who wears her Birkenstocks everywhere. In other words, Elspeth in a gown, taking a stage is

9 10, 2015
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Rethink Your 2016 Marketing Plan

Psst...use Canva to create stunning promotional graphics like this one. A year ago, I set out on a journey. I decided I was going to conquer Facebook. I'd show them, I said. I'd rock my page & end up with a thriving, fully engaged tribe. I followed Holly Homer's advice (she has over