10 11, 2015
  • How to Hire a Virtual Assistant eMarketing Copywriter

What to Pay Your Virtual Assistant (VA)

  Since when did secretaries start earning $40 / hour? That was what I thought when I first started pricing out a virtual assistant. I took the cheap way out and outsourced. The job was simple: promote my blogs 3x / week to my social media channels. After numerous spelling mistakes, missed deadlines and poorly

5 11, 2015
  • Goal Setting Made Easy eMarketing Copywriter

Goal Setting the Easy Way #MondayMotivation

How is a highly successful entrepreneur different than any other business?  They plan the work & work the plan. Your plan will start by recognizing something that you want to accomplish in your business and getting crystal clear about how it serves your bigger why. From there, all the wheels will be set in motion.