22 06, 2016

Can a Lifestyle Business Work for You?

Why did eMarketing Copywriter become a lifestyle business? For the first three years of my journey into entrepreneurship, I worked in a brick & mortar startup. I sold over $120,000 my second year in sales. But managing a team of employees and subcontractors was just too overwhelming for me. I not only had to pay

14 06, 2016

How to Write Sales Copy That Doesn’t Sound Sales-y

You're driving to the grocery story. The radio is on. A commercial blares loudly, "Hurry in. We've only got three of these great deals left. Don't delay. You don't want to miss our great sale." How does it make you feel? As you continue down the road, you see a billboard that says, "Real men

8 06, 2016

Getting Honest About Big Money Facebook Headlines

How many hours a week do you spend on social media? I've been reading a lot of messaging in my business groups that goes something like, "$20,000 in 2 weeks." And I want to debunk these Facebook headlines once and for all. I don't mean to undervalue the contribution of most business & marketing coaches. However,