Is the after-Thanksgiving bug getting you a little blue? Today, it’s raining cats & dogs. The temperature has plummeted to ‘freeze your cheeks’ degrees and I can’t help but feel like curling up with a kitten and a book might be a better marketing strategy than actually working. You too?

The fallacy of Holiday time is best compared to driving your car. What happens when you take your foot off the gas? You go slower. It’s the exact same thing that happens in your business if you don’t push through the dreary day blues.

Let’s take a look at how you can make the most of Holiday time when almost everyone is slowing down their business meetings in order to spend time with friends & family:

Connect with Everyone You Know

Psst…that uber-successful coach you’ve been wanting to chat with? They’ve got more office time during the Holidays. That means they’ll sometimes be able to squeeze you in for a meeting.

Use your Holiday time to reach up the ladder for those “stretch” appointments with businesses that are more successful than yours. Have a desired outcome in mind such as:

  • An upcoming affiliate opportunity (yours or theirs)
  • Wanting to learn how they accomplished a goal
  • Getting on their radar for contracting opportunities

I cannot emphasize enough that if you choose to pursue a busy CEO you must show up on time with bells on. Play upbeat music in your car and be fully present during the meeting; any one of these opportunities could be a big break for you.

Automate When It Makes Sense

Marketing automation has become the trendy buzz word of 2015 – maybe longer. The key to automation is to still be fully present within your social media networks.

During the Holidays, when you’ll be traveling to see family, it’s ok to take full advantage of automated emails and social media posts. If you know you’ll be out of the office, go ahead and program in marketing messages that keep you present online.

Remember that you still need to pop on to check messages and answer questions, but spending an hour a week frees up most of your time for friends & family.

Take on a New Learning Project

You give away gift after gift during the Holidays. What will you give yourself? Learning a new project or skill is a great way to beat the winter blues.

Take a minute to think about what obstacles you’ve been facing in your business over the last year. Who can help you conquer them? While most live coaching programs aren’t available, try to find a pre-recorded session to help you.

Other platforms like UDemy and Lynda can teach you software skills, as well. Wondering which graphic design sites pack the most punch? Go visit a few & blog about your experiences.

Clean Your Business House

I save about 10 emails a week “just in case” I need them. Don’t be like me. Schedule time to delete old emails, swap out website copy, or simply organize client files.

This version of cleaning house can be difficult to find time for during the year. Since it’s not income generating, we often push it aside. Don’t limit yourself to emails and files:

  • Do a website audit of all buttons & functions
  • File photos & other graphics for future use
  • Delete old client work or files
  • Update your portfolios & testimonials

You should also keep in mind that not all businesses shut down. Some very successful clients have more time for training during this time of year so they do the majority of their hiring right now.

Also, those who know they’ll be out of town need subcontractors to pick up the slack for social media or automation. If you keep you eyes & ears open, Holiday time will turn into a learning experience for you – even on your laziest days.

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