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As an SEO blogger, I’ve written hundreds of teeny little blogs, and big bad ones. I’ve worked for bosses who said, “Just hit publish…” and others who suggested, “Can we also change…”

No matter what your intended course of action, the industry of online marketing continues to shift and change. You know what I had to learn?

Not every blog has to be pulitzer-worthy.

I have seen some beautiful, 2,000 word, 10 picture blogs go viral. I have wanted to fall to my knees and worship the SEO blogger who constructed them.

Because you know what I see in those blogs?

Time. Hours and hours of time spent pulling images, getting them placed just right and making the blog perfect before they hit publish.

Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t write the blog of the century three times a week; getting it done is more valuable than making it prize-worthy.

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Know the trends; pitch them to clients.

One of the bests SEO blogger rules of etiquette is to keep one eye on the ball. It’s up to you to know what’s happening in the industry and how you can give your clients the best bang for their buck.

Pitch a journalistic article that profiles company executives in line with current trends. Offer to write two very long blogs in lieu of several short ones.

Speak up when there’s a better way to do something.

There’s something called the comfort zone that every single one of your client’s is going to be,um, comfortable staying in. How do you get more business if you’re always playing in your comfort zone?

It’s up to you to tell them how things need to change. You were hired for a reason and you need to push back sometimes on what that reason was.

Would a blog concept be more engaging if done in a different way? Should different keywords be chosen due to competitiveness or confusion of meaning?

Don’t stretch topic content too far.

SEO blogger etiquette dictates blogs be well-written and contain relevant, useful information. Don’t put your name to stuffed content that says nothing.

Instead, price your services at a level that allows you to do a little research on a subject and present a well-formulated SEO blog that positions your client as the expert in their field.

Be aware of best practices.

If you want to call yourself an SEO blogger, you need to remember that there’s so much information being published every day. And the research shifts, too.

For example, blog titles are now the shorter the better while article lengths are the longer the better.

You should maintain five (5) Pinterest boards, and do a Facebook ad, not a boosted post. Nuts, right? But showing off a little of what you know will go a long way.

It’s ok to have a formula.

If you are very busy, why not use a blog formula? You can focus on:

  • Best of lists
  • Top pictures
  • Styles of blog (i.e. link out to sources)
  • Opinion posts
  • Guides / how tos
  • Occasional long narratives

SEO blogger etiquette doesn’t mean you can’t follow a special way of writing your blogs that’s unique to you and your company. 

In fact, if there’s nothing interesting about the business, I encourage you to go a little off-topic and create something special about what you do that will at least make getting some awareness about your company easier.

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