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22 09, 2014
  • wasting-marketing-money

4 Stupid Things You Waste Your Marketing Money On

You know what irks me? Ok, don't ask that. Unless you have a bottle of bourbon and at least a full day to spend listening... Instead, I wanted to focus on a few freelance marketing things you don't need to spend your money on. And while delegation plays a huge role in business growth, in

19 09, 2014
  • item-checklist-for-coaching

15 Item Checklist for Every Coaching Website

Here's what I have learned about copywriting websites and working with developers to launch them: website design agencies are not so keen on the details. Even now, several months after I've rebranded, I find issues here and there that definitely don't jive with my vision of my brand. And while my expectations might be too

17 09, 2014
  • copywriting-with-results

Copywriting a Direct Message That Get$ Re$ults

I've been getting a lot of direct messages lately. You know, the ones where someone tries to sell you their services directly on one of the social networks or via email directly to your inbox: "Accounting is the foundation of any business and achieving an accurate knowledge of your income and expenses is a powerful

11 09, 2014

How to Write the Perfect SEO Blog

Have you started a blog yet? As more and more competition comes onto the market, it isn’t enough to just pour your heart out on the screen. Blogging as a strategy requires diligence to ensure that all your social media networks, as well as your Facebook and LinkedIn groups, are exposed to your work. As […]

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10 09, 2014
  • letter-to-self

A Letter to Myself 10 Years Ago

image source: noshandnourish.com Many thanks to the Aloft Blog for bringing this idea to fruition. May we all have the courage to bear our souls the way that Amanda Lipnak did. Here is my letter to myself 10 years ago: Dear, Elspeth: Congratulations, graduate! You have successfully joined the workforce and accepted your

8 09, 2014
  • clients-to-you-should-fire

3 Toxic Clients Small Business Owners Should Fire

image source: designtaxi.com Owning a small business is hard enough; you have to do the jobs of three or four people by yourself. Even hiring means you need to manage your staff to complete projects that are up to your standards. On the off chance that you add the wrong kinds of clients,

5 09, 2014
  • the-perfect-headline

3 Steps to Copywriting Perfect Headlines

image source: quickmeme.com Arguably, headlines are the hardest part of writing - anything. And copywriting them doesn't come easily. It is a learned skill that takes time to master. However, as with most skills - say kung-fu chopping capabilities with a knife in the kitchen - copywriting great headlines will vastly improve your

3 09, 2014
  • copywriting-for-audience

Don’t Copywrite “At” Your Audience

image source: www.quickmeme.com What's the difference between a good story and a bad story? A good story draws in the audience, speaks to them personally in some way, and closes with a little lesson on life. Some stories are funny. Others are sad. But every single good one has something in common; it

1 09, 2014
  • making-money-blogging

10 Copywriting (and Blogging) Revenue Streams

image source: glasbergen.com Freelance marketing and copywriting becomes a completely different game when you intend to make a living from your work. And I don't mean an, "I eat spaghetti every night" living. I mean a salary that replaces or comes close to your market value in the real world - so you

29 08, 2014
  • 'Unfortunately, we were a little off-target again this quarter.'

What’s Your Blog Writing Goal?

image source: shutterstock.com Blog writing seems easy enough; think of an idea, dump it on the page, hit publish. And if it were really that easy, well, we'd all be shining examples of how to blow up your business with blogging. In fact, blog writing has become a competitive, non-stop example of how