22 06, 2016

Can a Lifestyle Business Work for You?

Why did eMarketing Copywriter become a lifestyle business? For the first three years of my journey into entrepreneurship, I worked in a brick & mortar startup. I sold over $120,000 my second year in sales. But managing a team of employees and subcontractors was just too overwhelming for me. I not only had to pay

14 06, 2016

How to Write Sales Copy That Doesn’t Sound Sales-y

You're driving to the grocery story. The radio is on. A commercial blares loudly, "Hurry in. We've only got three of these great deals left. Don't delay. You don't want to miss our great sale." How does it make you feel? As you continue down the road, you see a billboard that says, "Real men

8 06, 2016

Getting Honest About Big Money Facebook Headlines

How many hours a week do you spend on social media? I've been reading a lot of messaging in my business groups that goes something like, "$20,000 in 2 weeks." And I want to debunk these Facebook headlines once and for all. I don't mean to undervalue the contribution of most business & marketing coaches. However,

24 05, 2016

Know Thy Competitor

I decided to buy a book. First I went on Barnes & Noble where the used version plus shipping to arrive in 6-9 days was $6.99 and $3.99, respectively. Huh, I said. How come shipping is so high when a shiny new book is just $11? I flipped over to Amazon. For just $10 I

20 04, 2016

A Badass New Business Checklist (What You REALLY Need to Know)

I've been an entrepreneur for eight years. After three years with a start-up corporation (a real office, employees and everything!) I transitioned into a lifestyle business (are these yoga pants clean?) as a copywriter. I have not only built businesses from the ground up twice, I have spent the last five of those years in

9 02, 2016
  • eMarketing Copywriter Meme 2 (1)

Pricing Your Products for Mindset vs. Reality

What are you worth? It's the most loaded question you'll ever need to ask yourself in your business. After all, in the professional services industry, so-called experts run the gamut from PhDs to stay-at-home-moms. What qualifies one individual more than another to charge more? In reality, we are each procuring previously researched data, results &

9 02, 2016
  • hire-an-seo-blogger

How to Write a High-Converting Opt-In

Let's review the steps you should take to create a high-converting opt-in. You might also hear this called a lead magnet, freebie offer or lead generation tool. Go time !!! Develop a list of 10 topics. You have to choose a topic that is near and dear to your heart. It should be a reflection

13 01, 2016
  • eMarketing Copywriter 4 Solutions for High Email Unsubscribe Rates

4 Solutions for High Email Unsubscribe Rates

Even the best marketers in the business know that a 3 to 5% attrition rate is natural. But when your number of unsubscribes starts creeping towards 10% per email send, it's time to take action. Let's dig in to how savvy marketers are starting to shift the way they think about email marketing (and how

11 01, 2016
  • eMarketing Copywriter's Business Story

“No matter what, he was not going to win.”

I'm going to share a little piece of my soul. On January 6, 2011, my business partner of 3 years sat me down & said, "I need to go at this solo." I packed a box and left with nothing. He did not write me my last commission check; he threatened to fight my unemployment,

6 01, 2016
  • eMarketing Copywriter 18 Free Resources for Bootstrapping Your New Coaching Business

18 Free Resources for Bootstrapping Your New Coaching Business

Remember that where you are is not where you will be. When you see a successful business owner they had to get smacked around a bit. We all did. And if learning to be an entrepreneur hurts you the most, it also makes you pretty much unshakeable once you make it though the gates of