Are you a blog writer?  Are you a blog administrator?  Maybe, you just write the social media copy for your company and need some picture ideas? Well, it ain’t easy.   Finding the right way to show your reader what you’re talking about can be the most time consuming aspect of being a blog writer.  So, how to pick a picture.

  • Avoid over emphasizing in graphics to save yourself time.  If you refer to a purple cow ten time, as a blog writer, you have to find and use the picture of a purple cow.  It’s only right.  The same is true of any other specific reference.  Avoid mentioning purple cows unless you already have or can find a picture of one.
  • Consider what’s related as a popular reference or cliche.  For example, the cow jumped over the moon (just go with it.)  If you are discussing nursery rhymes, you’d be well cleared to add a picture of a moon to the discussion about a purple cow.  As a blog writer, I find my reader’s appreciate a little thinking when it comes to connecting the picture dots.
  • Use the search engine for  key terms. If you’re a blog writer, you’ll wan’t to type in a key word of the article.  Otherwise, type in a related term.  For this article, I’ll start with blog writer.  Then I’ll put intense writer or blog administer writer.   I’m using related terms to find the picture.
  • Funny is always a good idea.  In some articles, say, the Irish Potato Famine, there is just no actual humor in the article.  Inserting a picture of Mr. Irish Potato Head is funny.   Go ahead and use humor if you can pull it off.  Be sure it doesn’t distract your reader but adds to the piece.  A serious topic can be lightened just a little.
Seeking a blog writer in the Philadelphia area?  That’s what I love to do.  You can contact me for all kinds of picture insertions … or just to write your blogs.