Focus on the sales copy - focus!

Sales copywriting may be the trickiest of all balance beams you will ever walk.  You need to get your message across, but you also need to sell the product and interest the reader.

Of all my copywriting services, I am most passionate about small to medium-sized businesses.  We make up 80% of the economy.  You didn’t misread: 80% of our economy is small and medium-sized businesses.

Recently, I’ve noticed how many of you seem to be requesting sales copywriting services.  Everything from proposals, to newsletters and website content writing seems to leave you in the dark.  I want to find a way to help you understand sales copywriting in a way that positively effects your business.

When we learn to effectively market ourselves, we take the first step towards attracting the right buyers to our business.  When we write effective sales copy, we are able to provide those buyers tools to learn more about us.  Those tools, like all tools, save us time and money.  How?

Different buyers are at different stages of the sales process. Some are just starting to poke around and do research.  Others know they need a service but are genuinely researching it.  Others have a need right now for a product or service.  If you market effectively to each buyer, you will be more likely to earn their business. How?

Well, they think of you first, silly.  You’ve given Sally a tool to learn about Ireland as she just started her research.  You gave Jake a piece on how awesome your company is while you educated him on roofing options.  You provided Ed a great coupon so he just couldn’t resist buying from you now that he’s ready.   Guess what?

Each of those pieces requires sales copywriting.  They are part of business copywriting, just like your website content writing and just like your marketing collateral.  They work together to help get you more business.

We use these pieces of sales copywriting to effectively place our business as the solution to the buyer’s needs.  Use them as part of a marketing plan and you will begin to attract new customers.

The segments I’m going to develop will help you consider your sales copywriting strategies to develop your content.

  1. Sales Copywriting: Features vs. Teachers
  2. Sales Copywriting: Telling vs. Selling
  3. Sales Copywriting: Urgency Usage
  4. Sales Copywriting: Sell the Benefits
  5. Sales Copywriting: Know Your Audience
  6. Sales Copywriting: Calls to Action
  7. Sales Copywriting: Pick a Schtick
  8. Sales Copywriting: Funnel Vision
  9. Sales Copywriting: Personalize the Proposal
  10. Sales Copywriting: What’s Your Plan?

If you took a minute to read about eMarketing Copywriter, you know that for the last four years, I have relied on my ability to sell to earn me a viable living.  Three of those years were spent with a start-up B2B corporation.   My use off effective marketing copy (combined with the tutelage of those around me) led the business to continual annual growth, even in the devastating economy of 2008.

eMarketing Copywriter would be happy to offer you a FREE consult to determine your sales copywriting needs.