7 02, 2014

6 Savvy Vegan Copywriting Ideas for Zee Green Bags

I've been working hard to give vegan copywriting advice to small businesses that really need it. Zee Green Bags isn't exactly vegan, but it's close to our cause. Let's give my business colleague John Zeiger, owner of Zee Green Bags since July 2013,  a few savvy tips  to attract more buyers: Who's the business targeting?

4 10, 2013

14 Magical Business Secrets I Learned from Freelance Copywriting

Here I am freelance copywriting almost three years later. I love what I do! And business is absolutely my first passion. But making a living in business from your passion is not the same as going to a cubicle everyday. The learning curve is steep and the stakes much higher. These are 14 of the

11 11, 2012

How to Conquer Personal Travel Writing

Last year, I had the opportunity to travel to India.  I spent over 2 weeks living with Indian families in the Punjabi region, eating home cooked meals and enjoying the tremendous hospitality of my very gracious hosts. When I look back, I feel things that I absolutely, even in travel writing, can't describe.  How do

11 11, 2012

Travel Writing 101 Itineraries

A few days ago, I was asked to review a travel itinerary for an adventure company.  As I struggled to organize the mis-aligned data, I started to think about the information I look for in an itinerary. You see, as a travel writer, I've traveled to over 40 states and several foreign countries.  Travel

21 02, 2012

How To Fix Advertising Copywriting Brand Confusion

When was the last time you reviewed your advertising copywriting for branding consistency? Did you Google your business name? Actually read each of your profiles in case they needed tweaking? Today I assisted a client with their professional copywriting by tweaking their Google Listing, Bing Listing, Facebook Profile and website content writing. I'm pretty confused. 

14 02, 2012

How to Write Good, Quality, Online Copy

I can't believe I just wrote that headline.  Then again, I'm a professional copywriter.  So, while ten writers would give you ten answers, I'm going to give you mine.  Did you already read What Is Good, Quality, Online Content? After taking a look at some blog copywriting standards, we assessed that details clearly showcasing your

12 09, 2011

Three reasons copywriters love Hubspot blogging

Into every life, a little yin and yang must fall.  It only makes sense that if we’re going to rant about Hubspot blogging (see Four Hubspot quirks that annoy your blogger), we should also rave about what it does really well.  As a copy writer, I have the great pleasure of working with several different

12 09, 2011

Four Hubspot quirks that annoy your blogger

Have you been using Hubspot for your blogging software of choice? It’s one of the most modern platforms available.  In many circles, they suggest this powerful program allows you to, basically, fire your web programmer and do it yourself.  Regardless, there are a few quirks, as a Hubspot blogger, that I’ve been annoyed with lately. 

6 09, 2011

To make a statement: Copywriters should stop working for free

Copy writers sometimes lash out to posting on job sites like Craig’s List.  Today, I spotted one that suggested a person grossing $250,000/year was asking writers to write for free on their blog.  The copy writer was very angry: The person raged against the blog owner.  As a copy writer, I puzzled over the best

24 08, 2011

Intern vs. Professional: Who to Choose

If you have a business, you may be considering including the icon of awesomeness to your roster: The intern. You can’t help but be impressed by the numerous jokes and jabs associated with this time honored tradition. In fact, Monica Lewinsky was an intern, wasn’t she? We all know how that ended. At any rate,