4 03, 2014

People Hate Vegans Because Vegans Are Haters

I saw a discussion on LinkedIn today that focused on the opinions over Beyonce and Jay-Z adopting a vegan diet for 22 days. Some of the commentators applauded the change, others denounced it. Particularly, several were appalled that Beyonce wore fur to a vegan restaurant. While this was an admittedly ignorant PR move on her

11 12, 2013

5 Sweet Little Tips for a Plant-Based Diet from a Vegan Writer

Image Source: Feedio.net Vegan writing is a focus of my life. Working with vegan businesses, coaches and entrepreneurs inspires me to learn a little more everyday. So, when I saw Kenn put out a distress call that he, basically, wanted to cuddle up to one of us vegans (near NYC ladies) so he