5 12, 2013

Blog Posts on Sales Training

Innovative blogging creative to engage your readers on a regular basis. We provide blog copywriting services for sales training topics using insightful statistics and credited source images. Language in this blog was kept light and informative to reflect the client’s spirited style of sales coaching. Got Milk? 9 Sneaky Ways You’re Being Sold Groceries What

5 12, 2013

Blog Posts on Executive Coaching

Spiraling off of sales, marketing and business topics, blog copywriting for these posts often focuses on employee management, human resources, personal happiness and leadership tips to help executives be their best. Read a few of our solution-minded topics to inspire yourself today: Not So Fast! How Do Leaders Decide on a Return Policy? Yo, Leaders!

19 06, 2013

Website Content for Barclaycard Financial

eMarketing Copywriter worked hands-on with the Barclaycard team of web developers to write website content. A copydeck was  developed from the website wireframes and utilized for both the Alpha and Beta versions of the website. Website copywriting on the site includes (but is not limited to): Home Page Hero Images Discussions Travel Community Arrival Mastercard

12 11, 2012

Blog Posts as a Guest Blogger

As a professional freelance copywriter, Elspeth Misiaszek is often asked to contribute her voice as a guest blogger.  If you've got a blog you'd like to link us to, please feel free to contact us for more information on our guest blogging services. Interact Media - 5 Tips Every Professional Copywriter Should Know Eco  Traveller

2 12, 2011

Blog Posts for Tenon Tours

As a leader in Irish travel, Tenon Tours needed additional website content to help publicize their passion for Ireland.  Heavily keyworded for SEO marketing, these blog posts were designed to take their inbound marketing campaign to the next level.  Hiring a professional copy writer allowed Tenon Tours to develop unparalleled web site content.  eMarketing Copywriter

20 07, 2011

Website Content for GSBA

Greater Swedesboro Business Association reorganized their website to reflect the local community being brought together by its business members. About

20 07, 2011

Website Content for Sunrise Signs

Sunrise Signs began as a full service sign & graphics company. After a few years of business, they began to niche into the car and vehicle wrap industry. Copy for Sunrise Signs was tailored to SEO driven content. Vehicle Wrap Designs

20 07, 2011

Website Content for End2End Design

End2End Design, a new kind of full service advertising agency, is designed to provide affordable marketing solutions for small businesses. It was imperative that the website reflect all the services End2End Design has to offer without being overwhelming. We asked, who is the audience, what are their needs, what will motivate the small business owner