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The two sides of your business success aren’t always in your face obvious. The first is planning the work & working the plan – what will you do to be successful.

The second is mindset – what spiritual practice will you use to ensure consistency. 

Whether a business coach puts emphasis on one or the other, both are necessary to have long-term balance as an entrepreneur.

Why do you see super-driven coaches popping up with new mindset programs? Because they finally realized the only way to fight burn out is with strong mindset practices. Hmm…

Let’s dig deeper…

Your Excuses are Responsible for Your Unhappiness 
Clients come to me because they have an issue that needs a solution. They don’t have enough clients, aren’t sure how to start their business, or they are in the process of deciding the right marketing strategies for their lifestyle choices.

And then they (sometimes – quite a few of you kick butt & rock my world!) follow up my advice with objections. I don’t have the time. I can’t write very well. I’m not in love with my recorded voice. I look horrific on video.

Your excuses are directly responsible for the unhappiness you create in your business. Think it through for a second.

You don’t have enough clients — are you marketing consistently? Or getting too busy with client work and failing to send weekly newsletters? Hiring a VA to program social media posts was an A+ decision in my book.

You don’t have the time — how many checks on Facebook are you doing daily? Just a few, eh? Write out your time, hour by hour, and make sure you aren’t kidding yourself.

You’ll be embarrassed on video / audio – me too! Until I recognized that in order to buy my products and services from me, clients needed to get to know me & see my teaching style. What’s worse – feeling a little silly on camera or not selling enough services to support your personal business goals?

Find Your Sense of Clarity & Inner Peace Will Follow
Until you know what you want out of your life & business, you simply cannot be successful. Why? Well, what does success mean to you if you don’t define it for yourself?

Don’t get overwhelmed, though, by how much clarity you need. Think of your goals as the shifting sands of a beach. You just need to have enough of a direction & a desire to know what beach you want to play on, if you’ll choose to walk it seeking out pretty shells, or relax with a good book, etc.

Each decision that you make will bring you closer to laying down a plan that gets you to your end goal – earning a full time living doing what you love. You won’t know all the answers now, or even next year, but start with what you want to do & who you want to do it for.

Recognize When You Need to Lay Down Your Arms
Finally, there are times in business when you simply have to stop fighting back – maybe your program, idea, offer, pitch or timing is just off. Yes, it happens to everyone & you can easily try again later.

Last week, I had three appointments on a Monday. Two were no shows & one cancelled. (You know Elspeth’s #1 rule is “Show up” yes?)

I’m also seeing lower open rates by about 5% – 8% than usual and (shocker!) a woman who asked to meet with me canceled her meeting too. That one made me laugh since she suggested we connect. Could the Universe be any more clear that I needed to take a step back & enjoy some me time too?

In your case, instead of taking these signs personally, look at the entire picture & recognize when the results have nothing to do with you. In reality, it’s December. I’d rather be caroling…or sledding…or shopping…than working too!

We Must All Learn to Swim at Some Point
When I tell you that you need to learn to swim, I am suggesting in no uncertain terms that when times get tough you do not reserve the right to give up. Ever.

You have a vision & a bigger mission that you came to fulfill. Your goals were certain, or you wouldn’t have set out on your path.

Just because it’s difficult to see your way out of the woods does NOT mean you can stop trying to find the right path. Believe in yourself; when it’s time to swim, your body will know what to do.

Even if you have to tread water for a while, a rescue boat, shoreline, or flotsam is all you need to keep on keepin’ on.



Elspeth Misiaszek is the innovator behind eMarketing Copywriter. She believes you deserve to profit from your passions & has dedicated her business to mentoring others to do what they love & love what they do. Grab your 10 Free Email Marketing Templates to really rock your writing.