eMarketing Copywriter's Business Story

I’m going to share a little piece of my soul. On January 6, 2011, my business partner of 3 years sat me down & said, “I need to go at this solo.” I packed a box and left with nothing. He did not write me my last commission check; he threatened to fight my unemployment, claiming I was being fired.

At the time, it felt like my entire sense of identity was being crushed. Having planned a move, I was suddenly jobless & homeless. I simply couldn’t believe someone could be so cold-blooded. Had I really dedicated my entire life for all those years to such a shitty human being?

Even friends that I loved, trusted & relied on ducked out of the way to avoid my emotional shrapnel. “Get over it,” they said. My hands didn’t just feel empty; I felt empty. How was I ever going to shine my light again?

I decided to use my anger as a tool to help me fight back. If I wallowed in pity, he won. And, no matter what, he was not going to win. I’d sold (from a 0 revenue start-up) $120,000 my second year of sales. All the major, residual corporate clients had been a result of my sales efforts. I had the power in me & I could do this.

Rebuilding a Tiny Lovely Empire 

Within 2 months I was repositioned with a new lifestyle business as a sales copywriter. An agency offered to barter my website & I’d procured my first shiny new business license. I was finding purpose again, reaching out to do what I did best: share something I was passionate about.

Within 4 months I had my first paying clients on the books – at a rate of $50 / hour going straight to my solopreneur business bank account. Wow.

By the end of the first year, I was successfully paying all my bills. And when my lawsuit in 2012 against my business partner found me receiving a generous settlement, I burst into tears of gratitude. Thanks to a little hustle, I was able to bank 100% of the proceeds Рand this became the downpayment on my little a few years later.

Rising from Ashes to Fly High

Over the years, my business has transitioned. I’ve managed to work part-time and earn a full time living. I’ve taken up to 8 weeks off for vacations every year, fulfilling my love of nature & travel.

In 2014, I bought a home in the suburbs. I planted an organic garden (me? laying down roots?) and learned this October that the love of my life & I will be expecting a baby in February 2016.

Sharing this is difficult for me, but it’s a story that needs to be told. I want you to know that you can rise up, too. Everything you need to have the life (& income) you desire is in you.

You just can’t give up, even when you’re sleeping in basements & crying yourself to sleep…eventually, as with all goals, persistence pays off. Will you take responsibility for working hard to achieve what you desire in this life?