Subscription Copywriting Services



Hand-holding & wise-cracking to keep you laughing while you’re launching.

Starting at $397 the Solopreneur Subscription gives you up to 4 hours / month of personal copywriting services.

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Rising Star

Share your message in a more powerful way.

Starting at $697 / month, we give corporations & growth-phase coaches more powerful brand messaging.

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Agency Partnership

Get customized mentoring to support your business marketing efforts.

Customized hourly plans for Marketing Agencies, Start-Ups & Coaches that are launching large.

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Solopreneur Package



Stop struggling to write your own marketing content!

Your marketing strategy feels like running a marathon. And you can never seem to get past mile 18. You huff & you puff but that finish line is no closer on Wednesday than it seemed on Monday.

If your email opt-in list isn’t converting, you have low email open rates, or you simply can’t seem to get any leverage on social media, we can troubleshoot to correct your sales funnel leaks.

You’re exhausted and feeling a bit overwhelmed just trying to create all the content you need for your business.

Being a solopreneur doesn’t mean you’re in this alone.

OK What if …

you could just assign someone to write your blogs for you?

OK What if …

a quick draft lead to a fully edited, publish ready article?

OK What if …

your sales pages were completed the second you needed them?

Copywriting Services for Sole Proprietors

For true success, you need to focus your time on servicing your clients. The Solopreneur Package is designed for sole proprietors that are too busy to do all their own copywriting & marketing services.

For one low monthly rate, you get:

OK4 hours of copywriting & marketing services

OKEmail support (up to 10 emails / month) for any questions

OKAccess via phone or Skype as needed

NOTE: 1 hour = 500 words = (1) page of content

But I’m a Great Writer. I Can Do It Myself.

The truth is that being a great writer & being a great copywriter are very different.

Selling yourself with words, and implementing strategies that generate the income you desire, is different than being a great writer.

Let’s start by answering:

?How many subscribers have joined your email list in the last month?
?How did you establish the pricing for your last coaching program?
?What does research suggest is the best method for website design?
?Do you know how SEO gets you found by Google Search Engines?
?Which social media networks (using a strategy) should you be on?

If you don’t know the answer to any of those questions, you’re holding yourself back from touching even more lives !!! eMarketing Copywriter:

OK Works with coaches

You have a unique mission. You want to serve the world in a big way, and we want to give you the nudge you need to charge what you’re worth.

OK Works with creative professionals.

You are an upcoming freelancer. Let’s discover what your true gifts are so that you can share them with the world.

OK Works with heart-centered businesses.

You have a great big mission to serve the world. Let us help you sell yourself without selling your soul.

Get the support you need to stop holding
yourself back & start making a different.

I’m ready

Rising Star Package

“Find your spark and it will illuminate the world.” – Oprah

It’s time for you to grow. And you know it. You could be doing so much more if only you had the time to create incredible content in your business.

Your needs go beyond blogging; you need to create brand messaging that resonates for Google ads, marketing materials, and email marketing campaigns. Ok, plus getting your blog notes turned into content.


Rising Star, eMarketing Copywriter’s clients include:

OKCoaches that are up leveling their course offerings

OKMarketing coaches that need a right-hand woman

OKBusiness coaches that want to expand client horizons

OKContent marketing agencies for in-house & clients

OKInbound marketing agencies, especially Hubspot lovers

OKPodcasters that need content to market their shows

Rising Star

We’ve also worked with:

Rising Star

OKEntrepreneurs launching new websites or products

OKCorporations who don’t quite need a full-time writer

OKSmall business launching SEO campaigns

The Rising Star Copywriting Subscription gives you:

OK8 hours / month of copywriting services

OKFull-service support Monday to Friday

OKFlexible scheduling for conferences, etc.

OKEmail access for questions as needed

Rising Star

How Much Content is 8 Hours / Month?

At the Rising Star level, our freelance copywriting may include:

OK1 hour = 500 words

OK(6) 1,000 word blogs (plus edits)

OK(6) publish-ready articles

OK(8) to (10) pages of website copy

OK(4) to (6) press releases

Rising Star

The most important part of our copywriting services is the relationship. We strive to be available when you need us to take the stress out of copywriting and marketing for your business.

Let us help you take it to the next level whatever that means for you.

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Agency Partnerships

A Full-Time Freelancer to Make Your Life Easier

If you own a creative agency, you’ve got two obstacles:

OKGetting your internal marketing content completed

OKGetting the content you need from clients like yesterday

eMarketing Copywriter works with agencies that aren’t quite ready to have a full-time employee in the office. As a 1099 contract service, we give you all the benefits of an easy-to-reach virtual team member, with none of the high overhead costs.


You’ll get all the expertise you need without the hassle of a new hire:

OKAn experienced expert in sales & marketing copywriting

OKAvailable during regular business hours, Monday to Friday

OKAdaptable to your team & technology for long-term contracts

Our rates start at just $1,000 / month (10 hours.) During our consultation, we’ll assess how many hours / month you need of our time. These will act as your ongoing retainer. Additional hours, during your busy times, will be billed at an hourly rate.

I’m ready