October 7 Webinar

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A year ago, I set out on a journey. I decided I was going to conquer Facebook. I’d show them, I said. I’d rock my page & end up with a thriving, fully engaged tribe.

I followed Holly Homer’s advice (she has over a million likes and a highly engaged page):

  • Post 6 times / day (she posts 26)
  • Mix up your media (videos, links & photos)
  • Change you cover photo monthly
  • Promote you only 30% of the time or less
  • Use Facebook Scheduler only
  • Use native videos only
  • Try to see this process as a game

And there were no results. I didn’t gain any likes. There was no engagement. It’s safe to say, Facebook 1, Elspeth 0. 

In September, I held my first ever webinar. We ended with 78 sign-ups. The plan?

I posted up to three times in each of eight Facebook groups I’m a member of (in addition to engaging with oh-so-many people in these groups).

I also decided for the first time in my life to pay for Facebook ads. I:

  • Gained over 100 new  page likes (unprompted)
  • Had 42 signups (just from ads) in 10 days
  • Skyrocketed my page & post views

The results? I’m still not sure Facebook is worth all the time & effort I spend engaging. For about $278 I got 42 signups. For about 15 to 20 hours of my time (over 10 days) I got less than 36 sign-ups.

A few of these were friends & colleagues. A few others could have been Twitter. About seven new folks coincided with a colleagues’s newsletter, too, further decreasing my faith in FB to produce qualified, unpaid leads.

Let me depress you further.

How Are Folks Using LI for Business These Days?

I decided to use LinkedIn to bolster my sign-ups. I:

  • Posted in 6 groups
  • Sent a message to 598 connections
  • Wrote a LI blog
  • Posted in general comments

And, from what I could directly correlate to the platform using Google Analytics, I got zero signups from LI. To add insult to injury, a LI Expert (thank you Claire, dear) confirmed my webinar topic was quite engaging…just not to anyone on LI apparently.

With all the gusto of a two year old throwing a tantrum, I started to complain about LI to others. And someone pointed out to me what I was too blind to see for myself:

Your marketing plan needs to include “exposure” content. It is not only about the engagement & raving fans, but absolutely necessary to just get yourself out there and be visible. 

Do You Need to Rethink Your 2016 Marketing Plan? 

The experience has made me rethink my marketing strategy for 2016. For many of us, we adhere to one simple rule of business: Put your money where there’s the highest ROI.

How do I follow such logical, incredible, perfectly reliable advice when…quite frankly…there is no direct correlation between my income and the majority of social media?

The answer is simple: Create 1/2 of a marketing plan geared towards keeping you front of mind & let the other 1/2 focus on what works for you in your business.

Here’s my new strategy:

  • (1) Blog / month on my personal site, eMarketing Copywriter
  • (1) Blog / month on LI
  • (1) Newsletter / week
  • (2-5) posts / day on FB (at least 1 is necessary)
  • (2-3) Group check-ins / week

To add to this mix:

  • (4-6) Conferences / year
  • (10-15) Networking events (locally)
  • Find a (free) Mastermind (of like-minded women)

And I’ll need to mix in a little new magic. I’m considering:

  • Seeking podcast opportunities
  • A highly niched Instagram account
  • Speaking engagements (Love these)
  • Targeting guest blogs (Huffpo, etc.)

So, what’s YOUR plan? How are you going to handle the ever-declining Facebook reach fiasco? What will you do to make your business work for you?

I’ll be adding more thoughts on this over the next few weeks. And we’ll be offering a webinar in December to grab an in depth look at how YOU can decide on your marketing plan for 2016. Who’s with me?



Elspeth Misiaszek is the innovator behind eMarketing Copywriter. She believes you deserve to profit from your passions & has dedicated her business to mentoring others to do what they love & love what they do. Grab your 10 Free Email Marketing Templates to really rock your writing.