seo blogger ecourse choosing

Are you considering an SEO blogger ecourse? Maybe you’d prefer to attend a seminar taught by someone in your network so you get hands-on attention?

After seeing several SEO blogger ecourses pop through my networks, I started to wonder; how do you choose one? Which is truly the best for you?

How to choose an SEO blogger ecourse

Before you even think about signing up for an ecourse, decide what you want your blog to do for you. You can:

  • Bring in lots of traffic and then seek advertisers
  • Use it to create content to position you as an expert
  • Find an SEO blogger strategy that creates inbound leads
  • Write compelling, interesting content for a hobby
  • Draw traffic to create a membership site (i.e. passive income)

Not all blogs are created equally and each requires a different strategy for blog writing and promotion. Likewise, any number of hobby blogs (say, marathon running) eventually created passive income for the user via the marketing of the blogger’s service to their networks.

Review the Teacher’s Expertise

After you’ve decided on the purpose of your blog, consider parring down which experts in the SEO blogging field are going to be best for you. Is your potential teacher:

  • A mommy-blogger expert?
  • Excellent at high-traffic creation?
  • Focused on writing quality/journalism?
  • Experts in promotion/social media leverage?

In other words, you need to choose an SEO blogger ecourse where the teacher aligns with your personal goals for your blog. Otherwise, your advice won’t get you the success you want.

There is one other consideration; Is the instructor focused on B2B sales or B2C sales? It is a lot easier to write a vegan recipe blog that attracts thousands of users than it is to attract 10,000 big corporate subscribers.

Business blogs are promoted differently than the average consumer blog. Therefore, you need to employ different strategies within your market sector. And, thanks to the competition, we’ve been seeing a lot more niche blogs pop up (i.e. vegan marathon running.)

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What qualifies me as an SEO blogger?

I write blogs every single day. eMarketing Copywriter has worked with Barclaycard Financial, Empire Education Group, First Page Sage, Swift Capital, Tenon Tours, and Paradux Media Group just in the last two years.

That’s a lot of awesome bosses, each with a unique SEO strategy and specific blogging guidelines.

This does not include (there was a point where I wrote three SEO blogs a day just for First Page Sage) smaller contracts where companies required a few articles to bulk up their SEO blogger library.

Currently, I write weekly for Blogging Tips infamous high-traffic guru Zac Johnson, too. And I’ve connected with Health Coach Weekly Geoff Young for an ongoing article. (He’s an expert in affiliate marketing and list building.)

After working with so many amazing online marketing experts (who weren’t copywriting experts) I think my experience sometimes speaks for itself, yes?

And while I love what I do, I’m a writer; I actually do the blog copywriting for my clients. But if you want to learn to blog, here are a few folks I’m keeping my eye on:

  • For visibility, traffic and formatting, Delia over at usually has ongoing blog courses with a bit more of a techy angle.
  • Lisa Balthaser of Fleur de Lisa Solutions will give you a Google+ Blogging Workshop and she’s actually a guru of Social Media, too.
  • Janet Garraty and I go way back. With an impressive magazine background, she’s the go-to for writing expertise and the current editor of Go Jane News.
  • Zac Johnson of will also be launching a blog resource soon – his will focus on high-traffic initiatives designed to attract advertisers and allow you to monetize your blog. I’ll try to tell you more as soon as it’s ready.

If you need more ideas, just shoot me an email or connect with me on Facebook.

Elspeth Misiaszek uses her writing and online marketing skills to help vegan businesses, coaches and entrepreneurs increase sales on their websites and blogs. Is it SEO? Get our FREE blogging resource today.