paperbackbookstanding_500x700Are you ready to master the art of sales copywriting? Get more program enrollments, build your list with ease & stop wasting time struggling with copywriting !!! Join Elspeth Misiaszek in this exclusive program.


Together in our group coaching program, you will learn:

  • Learn to increase your sales with ease; no awkward pitching
  • Get super-clear on how to use sales copywriting for leads
  • Discover words to bring you more of the ideal clients you desire
  • See the exact marketing strategy you need to measure your success

Our Ultimate Sales Copywriting Handbook teaches you to sell your services without selling your soul. We use language that keeps you in integrity, while speaking directly to your ideal audience.

The resources we’ve designed are specifically created for heart-centered, soul-focused entrepreneurs. You are:

  • A coach (health, wellness, sales, marketing, business, etc.)
  • A holistic practitioner (yoga, psychic healing, EFT, etc.)
  • A creative professional (graphic designer, artist, or fiction writer)
  • A heart-centered entrepreneur (dog walker, patient advocate, etc.)

What’s Included in the Copywriting Course?

In our 6-week group training, you will get (2) video tutorials a week (approximately 1 hour / tutorial) and (2) sections of the Handbook.

We’ll follow this up with a members-only Q&A call every week – you’ll be personally guided through our sessions so you can rock your sales writing.

Our Ultimate Sales Copywriting Handbook includes:

  • Time-saving magic copywriting strategies guaranteed to help you write quickly
  • Easy build-your-own email marketing cheat-sheets to finally increase your email open rates (Psst…we regularly achieve a 30% open rate or higher!)
  • Sales page templates to help you master your coaching launch language
  • Modern blogging advice that takes you way beyond SEO to create REAL results
  • Killer advice for video scripts to sky-rocket your online exposure

You’ve dedicated your life to serving others. Here are our gifts to you:

  • BONUS !!! Get an extra chapter on Podcasts & Show Notes absolutely free. We teach you how to repurpose your content & remarket your resources
  • BONUS !!! Stop struggling to find technology solutions! We’ll give you our list of preferred vendors to make design, set-up & execution an absolute breeze
  • BONUS !!! You’ll be invited to participate in all the events that we attend; meet Elspeth in person & let’s network together!

The Ultimate Sales Copywriting Handbook includes action-packed lessons on:

  • Opt-ins & Lead Magnets
  • About Pages / Bios
  • Website Copywriting
  • Sales & Landing Pages
  • Email Marketing
  • Blogging … That Actually Sells
  • Video Scripts (VSLs)
  • Podcasts & Show notes
  • Signature Talks & Speaker Sheets
  • Press Releases & Articles
  • Social Media Calendars & Copywriting

And after you hit print, you’ll have a big fat binder that keeps you keepin’ on for years to come! Plus all those juicy videos discussing the psychology & research behind sales copywriting. 

How Do You Know If This Course Is a Fit For YOU?

elspeth-circleHey, There! I’m Elspeth Misiaszek the founder of eMarketing Copywriter. I like going barefoot and wearing swirly tie-dye skirts. I do a lot of writing on my breezy front porch, listening to my Tibetan wind chimes.

I have written for hundreds of business just like yours. I watched SEO campaigns increase business leads by 300%. I saw conversion rates shoot up to nearly 10% on sales pages.

And I have loved every minute of watching my clients profit from their passions.

I also watched several clients limit themselves by their inability to consistently, easily, create the content they needed to expand their businesses. They felt their “art” had to come first, while they struggled to pay their bills.

“I know how to write,” they said. But they didn’t know how to sell in their writing. They didn’t see that by improving their copywriting they could:

  • Build their lists with just a few simple blog edits
  • Touch even more lives using easy sales tactics
  • Increase rates & immediately attract ideal clients
  • Gain more value via affiliates, associations, or JVs
  • Easily fill-up new programs with every launch

For the last four years, I have exclusively shifted my business to serve heart-centered entrepreneurs. 

I have worked with:

  • The Bill Baren Corporation
  • Dr. Ines K. Roe of Alta Vista Life Coaching
  • The Artful Assistant
  • Melissa Binkley of The Body Love Movement
  • Sarah Shaw of Entreprenette
  • Jen Sincero of You Are a Badass
  • Johanna Roach of Knowledge Bridge
  • Noah Rickun, Sales Coach
  • Fitness Personality Sandy Weston
  • Barclaycard Financial
  • Empire Education Group
  • Paskill, Stapleton & Lord
  • Paradux Media Group
  • Start Ranking Now
  • Carolann DeSimine of Big Eye Media & The Sizzle System
  • And many, many, more!

The Ultimate Sales Copywriting Handbook is a culmination of all the mentorship I have had over the last several years. It is my heart, pouring onto the page so that I may teach YOU how to better profit from your passions.

I know that you will gain an incredible value from my mentorship, hand-holding, wise-cracking & sales copywriting support.

Join me in this exclusive group training so that you, too, can master the art of sales copywriting.