paperbackbookstanding_500x700We’ve Made It Easy for Coaches to Excel in Sales Copywriting

You have spent years working to find the right life-balance. You graduated from a top-notch coaching school, and spent hundreds of hours learning from the very best mentors.

So why aren’t more clients beating down your door? Why do you feel like you’re just Atlas, breaking your back every day to get to the summit of a mountain?

Your clients have to know what you’re selling in order to buy from you. And as a soul-focused business that serves others, it’s so easy to give, give, give…and forget to ask for the money.

Why We Designed the Ultimate Sales Copywriting Handbook

How you express yourself is exactly what makes you successful. And your super-special secret sauce is what attracts your clients to you. You are your brand.

With the Ultimate Sales Copywriting Handbook, you can maintain the essence of who you are perfectly while learning to tweak your words to sell more of your products & services.

We’ll teach you to master the art of sales copywriting – a skill you’ll be able to use every single day that you own your business – and beyond.

How Does the DIY Copywriting Handbook Work?

Within the pages of our handbook, you’ll find advice & templates that are essential to your business. We teach you the ins and outs of writing sales emails to your list, blogging for list building, writing website copy that converts, and so much more!

You will save so much time organizing your marketing materials just by using these easy cheat sheets. Anytime you need to write a sales page (or other content) simply pull up that section of the handbook.

Our lessons guide you through business content writing, step-by-step:

  • Why are sales pages so excruciating? The Sales Pages tutorial dig deep into the logic of how they work & then give you the tools to create a high-converting custom piece that gets you noticed every time.
  • Struggling to write an article for a trade journal? The Press Release / Articles section lays out the best format and style to create a brilliant piece that gets you published.
  • Need a last minute bio? Our About Me chapter shows you a quick, easy way to talk about your fabulous self. In 30 minutes or less, it’s a wrap!

thickpaperbacklaying_786x692 (1) No time to write content? No problem. Turn the Ultimate Sales Copywriting Handbook over to your Virtual Assistant – let it act as a guide so your ready to edit & hit publish in 10 minutes flat.

Grab Immediate Access to Our Sales Copywriting Course

This option of our program includes immediate access to our sales copywriting course. In over (86) pages of jam-packed content, heart-centered entrepreneurs will learn:

  • Easy build-your-own email marketing cheat-sheets to finally increase your email open rates (Psst…we regularly achieve a 30% open rate or higher!)
  • Checklists to keep you organized with coaching business strategies
  • Sales page templates to help you master your coaching launch language
  • Blogging secrets to build your list with ease…plus become an SEO guru
  • Press release strategies for grabbing the attention of super-hot media
  • Killer advice for video scripts to sky-rocket your online exposure

Are You Ready to Master the Art of Sales Copywriting?

Remember, we designed this resource for coaches. We use language that speaks directly to people in the coaching & heart-centered entrepreneur niche. For just $997, you will own a go-to resource you can use in your business every single day.