bucket list on birthday

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Tuesday, July 8 is my birthday. And every time another year rolls by, I start thinking about all the crap I’m getting too old to do. You don’t need to know the details, but I’m approaching the middle of thirty.

For all intents and purposes, I still look 29ish – right? RIGHT?

I’m also not going to lie; getting older sucks physically … but totally rocks emotionally. I have deeper, more meaningful connections with people I never would have called “friends” in my 20s.

My sense of jealousy over what others have accomplished is minimal; I understand life is all about making the right choices for you. The mantra Just Be Happy just about sums it up.

And I have an incredible sense of gratefulness for this business thing I’ve created – even while mourning the loss of my overtly muscular thighs, and my inability to climb 10 miles up a mountain with very little training.

Ok, so it’s not that bad. I can still touch my toes, I’m still physically proportionate, and I’ve perfected the fine art of the occasional monetary splurge on something I don’t need but must have.

So, what’s on this copywriter’s bucket list? You know, the crap I have to do before I get even older.

<The following Bucket List may be inappropriate for young viewers and those uncomfortable with explicit sexual references. Sorry. But it’s my birthday. You can do what you want on yours!>

Dressing up in a character costume.

Anyone who’s ever worked at Disney complains about the hot, nasty-smelling costumes. It must be impossible to take yourself seriously when you’re bedecked in an animal suite, though. So, I just want to chase someone around in one.


Just imagine a game of hide and seek where you’re being chased by a lady in a bunny/dinosaur/monster suit. Kind of ups your game a bit, doesn’t it? Don’t look now, Barney’s going to find you, Hiding Person.

Wear tie-dye to a speaking engagement.

I make my own tie-dye. That’s not that impressive – lots of folks do. However, if I could have the chutzpah to stand in front of a crowd and be taken seriously not for the way I look (like a rainbow threw up on me) but as an expert in copywriting and marketing strategy…well that’s just the bees knees.

I’ve also taken some serious slack for being a little inappropriate at times (Ha!) In reality, I’m not a rebel, or a badass, I don’t have a single tattoo – and my ethos on the world leans more on the liberal side of “Love Everybody” than the Republican, “Where’s my gun?”

What could possibly say, “I’m comfortable in my own skin” louder than this? (Comment below if you can think of anything.) We all judge each other a little too much for things we don’t deserve – the way we look, what we wear, etc.

But we shouldn’t. We should all work towards acceptance of the unique value that every individual has to give to the world. 

Nude housecleaning for someone else. 

I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but seriously, who the heck does this for money? For years I’ve been fascinated by this business model. I have consistently questioned the mentality of those who perform this job…and those who pay, what, $50/hour? for it.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve never wanted to be a cleaning woman, but I’d love to frolic around a house with a feather duster in heels for pay.


What would if feel like? Would I feel degraded? Flirty? Would it be fun, or uninspiring? And what would my work colleagues be like, exactly? So many questions…

And I need to add a few that I don’t exactly want to be held accountable for explaining:

  • “Lock” someone’s hair
  • Learn to cut hair (life skill 101)
  • Cliff diving – preferably in Portugal
  • Hand-throw a set of dishes (two: my BFF wants one)
  • Find my way out of the wilderness, Survivorman style
  • Take a class on edible wild plants; eat them
  • Go hunting (Über bonus points if you can teach me)

And a drum roll please…

I know that for many folks traveling the world (done that) or jumping out of a plane (been there) is the ultimate bucket list. I know that we spend our lives dreaming of what we’ll do once we have enough money, or when we finally have the time.

I decided years ago not to live my life that way. Instead, I try to embrace every day like I’d be perfectly satisfied if I get hit by a bus walking home; I wouldn’t have anything left to do.

I want to encourage you to do the same. Not just get out of your comfort zone, but to really, truly, kick life in the ass once in a while 

Take on something you always wanted to try just because you think it’s cool as hell – like tight-rope walking, or aerial yoga. Buy a vegetable from another country. Wear a bright yellow dress with polka dots.

It doesn’t matter – as long as you feel, every single day, like you are truly living this life. 

And to all of you who have supported my quirky antics, thank you. Thank you for loving me, for making me laugh, for laughing at me, and inching along these years in such a meaningful way.

May we truly kick the bucket this year right into the next.

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