1:1 VIP Access to Sales Copywriter Elspeth Misiaszek

Are you struggling to create clear brand messaging for your business?

Do you lack clarity & can’t move forward w/o a content marketing plan?

Does it feel like you have words…but they won’t form a path to success for you?

You are not alone !!! Many business owners reach a plateau where they feel like:

  • They are ready for a big shift in the client base they serve
  • They are burnt-out from too much writing (& no organization)
  • Their writing has become un-inspired & flat, costing them big sales

As we change, so do our personal needs. It is completely normal for you to feel like it’s time to get unstuck. You just can’t move forward if you’re letting quicksand suck you down day after day…

Meet Copywriting Coach Elspeth Misiaszek

Copywriter Elspeth Misiaszek has a reputation for being true blue. She doesn’t mince words or sugar-coat her opinions. She expresses exactly what’s in her heart, allowing you to break the chains & move powerfully forward after a day together.

Elspeth’s direct communication style has helped hundreds of executives create very successful content marketing plans, once achieving a 300% increases in client leads.

In the last few years, Elspeth has shifted her focus to help heart-centered entrepreneurs learn to profit from their passions. And your 1:1 day will focus on your personal communication & income goals.

Elspeth’s Experience & Great Big Mission

It is her mission to teach business strategies & marketing methods that get you into your happy place – selling with ease to the clients you truly desire, while enjoying a lifestyle that perfectly fits your visions of success.

She has worked with:

  • The Bill Baren Corporation
  • Ines K. Roe of Alta Vista Life Coaching
  • The Artful Assistant Leslie Rivera
  • Carolann DeSimine of Big Eye Media & The Sizzle System
  • Melissa Binkley of The Body Love Movement
  • Sarah Shaw of Entreprenette
  • Jen Sincero of You Are a Badass
  • Johanna Roach of Knowledge Bridge
  • Noah Rickun, Sales Coach
  • Fitness Personality Sandy Weston
  • Barclaycard Financial
  • Empire Education Group
  • Paskill, Stapleton & Lord
  • Paradux Media Group
  • Start Ranking Now
  • And many, many, more!

How Do VIP Sessions Work?

eMarketing Copywriter is based in Philadelphia, we can:

  • Come to you for an in-person meeting in any major city in the USA
  • Perform our session via Skype, Google HOA or another virtual method
  • Welcome you to our personal suburban writing studio for a 1:1
  • Choose a neutral location, preferably in a quiet place of spiritual reflection

You will also receive our Ultimate Sales Copywriting Handbook. This resource will guide you though content marketing & writing for your business.

Your session is about you – and your unique struggles – so YOU choose the topic (we suggest you focus on one goal) that you need to discuss with us.

On our part, we’ll pull out all the expert advice, research & know-how you need to move past your stopping point…and step powerfully forward into success.

*After you’ve issued payment, we will schedule a mutually beneficial time to speak so that we can decide, together, on how to provide the most value to you.